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Thread: Is there a FFP conspiracy?

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    Is there a FFP conspiracy?

    Its beginning to look like FFP is just a way for the big clubs to stay on top of the heap, as well as for UEFA to have a hand interfering with club transfers, squad registration, wage bills, etc.

    I mean, wasn't the initial concern football clubs taking on too much debt, and thus risking bankruptcy/non-payment of amounts owed to footballers and other service providers to clubs? This can be achieved by insisting owners don't load clubs up with debt, in other words, make them put their money where their mouth is, and invest equity.

    Now they want to influence not only Inter's UEFA Europa League squad list, but also how much of our current squad we have to sell, immediately!

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    I never did like FFP, but at the same time the situation we are in now is because of MM, but UEFA should stay away from Inter

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    thank mr icardi

    Holy See

    Nah I don't think it's a conspiracy. I feel like it started with the hope that it would have a genuine positive impact on clubs and not to splash money left, right and centre with no consequences. It's just that UEFA have been under immense pressure by big clubs around Europe and sadly they could only do so much because the power does not rely solely with them. The only reason they made the change with the 4 spots to the four biggest leagues was because of the big clubs threatening to leave the CL and that's why even the ridiculous historical merit bullshit has been mentioned over and over again recently.

    If FFP have been affected and regressed lately (and I don't know if that's true as of yet) with the outcome that it was sought out for. It's due to the shitstorm UEFA have been dealing with the giants of European football.

    They can't ban clubs from participating in the CL because that's what the big clubs are willing to do anyway if what they request is not handed to them. Now, no one is saying that those big clubs will know how or what exactly to do once that scenario - them leaving the CL - happens but the threat is real and it's not something UEFA could gamble on.

    Here's something insightful on the topic:

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    it's a royal pain in the ass, that's for sure.
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    My Conspiracy is... enjoy being on this forum spamming us.

    As for UEFA is corrupt... that's enough conspiracy

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    just look at where Platini & Blatter are now and you have your answers.

    Corruption is everywhere and that fucker is considered a juBentus legend... so yeah, he probably pushed the FFP through to hand them a huge restart advantage after Serie B.

    Other clubs were not being able to comply, due to lack of owned Stadium and stuff. This happens all the time in the corrupt systems - for instance in Romania, when you have a road/highway to build. Of course it's a public bid, but then again when you make the Technical Book with the specifications of what is required from a company to have at disposal in order to be able to take course in the licitation, they custom-size the demands for the ones who are aimed to win.

    So if you want to build that road, you need at least 18 bulldozers and 65 trucks, at least X number of projects completed under their belt, etc. - more than the competition owns. They hand it over to the big guys - who push the money - and the others only get a part of it, as a consolation. But the big guys always win, since they split up the cake [road] and outsource contracts for the smaller ones - at their price. We call it a dedicated contract.

    In this case, it was a dedicated LAW.



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    Same shit here, at least you guys are doing relatively better. Not to say by leaps and bounds.
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