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  • 8 - A player of very good quality, who will add much to the team, one of the best nationalwise

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Thread: João Mário

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    Quote Originally Posted by DARi0 View Post
    I would tell P$G : João Mário = Lucas Moura + Serge Aurier to see how seriously they want him.
    I would rather tell them 60m or fuck off.

    If they want player exchanges, we can offer Kondogbia
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluenine View Post
    I would rather tell them 60m or fuck off.

    If they want player exchanges, we can offer Kondogbia
    agreed 100%

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    Since Eto'o for Ibra I can't think of any player exchanges where we came off for the better and it still bit us in the ass when the latter joined the Merde.

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    I don't think it bit us in the ass since won the the fucking treble after that trade.

    I don't think we should think letting players go that way. That later they might do well in our rival. If we think that way, we can't sell any player anywhere.

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