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Coronav. attacks the respiratory system, so it's a combination of age + chain-smoking.
Who told you "chain smoking" is the top culprit for dying when you get covid19?!

It's as follows, source is China Centre for Disease Control and Prevention:

Cardiovascular disease - 10.5%
Diabetes - 7.3%
Chronic respiratory disease - 6.3%
High blood pressure - 6%
Cancer - 5.6%
No existing conditions - 0.9%

Some of those are maybe caused by YEARS of smoking, yes, or worsened by smoking but it's not like the virus "targets chain smokers". You can have a heart or chronic respiratory problems even without smoking a single cigarette your whole life.

And I don't know where you live but smoking isn't really fashionable anymore in Europe as well. The only place in where smoking is still a thing is Eastern Europe, in countries like Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Turkey etc.