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Thread: Tierra Del Fuego

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    Tierra Del Fuego

    I'm sure some of you know of this place. It's at the very bottom of South America and is commonly known as 'the end of the earth'. Obviously the earth is round so there is no 'end' but you get the idea.

    Ushuaia, Capital of Tierra del Fuego, is the southernmost City in the world. From the "end of the world" train (Tierra del Fuego Line) visitors are presented with breathtaking views of snow covered mountains, rivers and lakes and a vast natural forest at the Andes ridge. Two distinctive landscapes constitute this State (the Andes run from east to west as opposed to south-north in the rest of South America), the northern part called estepa patagonica and the southern region with its typical mountain geography. The island was discovered in 1520 by conquistador Hernando de Magallanes while he was looking for a path that would connect the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean.

    Anyone been there or something? The place looks really nice.

    Here's a live webcam.

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    oh yeah...I know it pretty good
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    Great topic Primo, I like geography and beatuiful scenery. I've heared alot about Tierre del Fuego, and it's surely a fascinating place.

    In fact, I was watching the news couple of weeks ago, and they were talking about a dilemma la tierra is facing. Long time ago, and encouraged by the booming North American fur trade, few Argentinian officials did a funny thing.

    They went to Canada and got beavers, and moved them to la Tierra to start a colony there. However, not knowing that nature has factors humans don't know, things didn't work out well. Now, la Tierra is infested with thousands of unwanted beavers, and they actually pay people to kill few beavers!

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    Great topic indeed, I didn't know a thing about it.

    Amazing pic huh?

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