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Thread: any1 seen this?

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    any1 seen this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vitomins View Post
    LOLOLOL I have lost every ounce of respect I ever had for Barcelona. The biggest fuckin sore losers I have ever seen.

    I would be embarrassed to call myself a Barca supporter. They lose a match and the entire country digs in archives for some kind of explanation, because it is impossible for them to lose.

    I do not even know why the mods allow you stay here. Posting this garbage on here is an insult to my team because you are saying that we must cheat in order to win. I really hope the mods do something with you, because I do not need to come to an Inter forum to see my club's great name be trashed with your garbage.

    I now hate Barcelona as much as Juve and Milan...

    You and your club make me sick.

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