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Thread: Inter Jersey 2017/2018

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    Is that Palacio behind Guarins arm?
    Strachan can suck my tiny schlong

    Quote Originally Posted by Glass box View Post
    One day FIF should organize and we should go all together to watch a game. At least 50 people. Tickets are on me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottishInterista View Post
    Is that Palacio behind Guarins arm?
    Yeah that's Papa Palacio alright. We lost 4:2 in that game against Roma, cunt Pjanic scored a brace, and on our side Osvaldo and Froggy scored a goal each. Our squad was Handanovic, Campagnaro, Ranocchia, Juan Jesus, Dodo, Medel, M'Vila, Kovacic, Guarin, Osvaldo, Palacio. Subbed in: Kovacic, Obi, Icardi.

    Also leave it to Nike designers to match teal and gold. Again, who at Inter is in charge of approving these designs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElDuccio View Post
    youre right but there are also some jersey that i dont liked even on the pitch.

    example this one

    That jersey actually looked better turned inside out. It was pretty cool that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJM View Post
    Second jersey for 2019/20

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    I wanted to puke seeing that ugly color

    I've had enough with Nike, just piss off already
    Quote Originally Posted by Universe View Post
    I'm just going to assume Spalletti thinks that young, attacking players like Karamoh and Lautaro are like laser guns in video games, or kamehameha in Dragon Ball Z - the longer you hold down the trigger and charge them, the more power they fire with. That's why he waits until the 88th minute to bring them on. If he gives them more time, they'll be weak. He's charging them up for 80+ minutes for bigger impact in those last 120 seconds. pew pew.

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