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    Do you just immeditly stop or do you decrease how much you smoke little by little? Just curious how smokers try to stop
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    Quote Originally Posted by Candreva Crosses View Post
    Do you just immeditly stop or do you decrease how much you smoke little by little? Just curious how smokers try to stop
    Different people, different ways but I'd do it cold turkey. I don't believe making it gradual makes sense. Some people replace the smoking with vaping or use it as a transition which is kinda better for your health and yet I despise it. I'm more open to nicotine patches, although I'm pretty sure it's not the nicotine I crave but the habit of lighting up.
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    thank mr icardi

    Holy See

    when I was a teen- early 20s you could say that I was an alcoholic, drank almost everyday and sometimes from the morning, but I never saw myself as one! I just really really liked how it felt when it was in my system. but after a while (not gonna lie it took me longer than it should) I just stopped drinking daily, it didn't take any unusual method, it's all in the head really, yes your body gets addicted to it but just like your body got used to it it will get used to not taking it anymore (of course the stronger the drug the more difficult). Same thing with smoking, I've been smoking since I was 16 I think and I'm now 30. I still smoke, and I don't know if this would help my argument or not but I quit for almost a year 3 years ago just because I hated the idea of something "controlling" me, and also another time when I was studying in the US, my friends thought it was impossible to quit smoking so I did it like a bet to show them it's not, and I didn't smoke for a month.

    Anyhow, quit smoking wasn't easy, especially the first 2 week-month I would be in a bad mood most of the time, but the greatest advice I could give you is to substitute an addiction with another, nothing beats the gym/working out in my opinion, I had the urge to smoke everyday and especially after meals but when I went to the gym and left I had no more urges for at least 4 hours!

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    first 3 days are the hardest, then it becomes easier and easier, after 21st day you will completely give up. U just have to commit yourself

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