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Thread: 2017/2018 Midfielders Rumours Thread

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    Rastelli: "We are still talking about a complete player, modern, who has a nice leg, great musculature. No homo, though.

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    so, how good is this paredes? id like to see him and brozovic tbh, with rafinha right in front of them. he seems the real deal. i know he isnt a pure dm but its 2018 and we dont need a real dm to play good football, right? i know we are linked to barella as well and i like the kid but he seems still green imo. - and kind of small

    either way, as i prefer paredes, either would be just fine by me. im still wondering how they would click with brozo and the rest of the squad. i think they are both cm's with similar characteristics, the ability to do damage in attack, and ofcourse to help out in defense.


    juve is linked to paredes, so im guessing we will be as well. there is also man utd and real madrid. this fucking kid... we should have gotten him in the summer tbh. he is going to be a crack

    maybe we can swap him with kdog lol

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    There are few players who are more perfect for our current team than Paredes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arlen View Post
    The problem with this kind of site in english is the international brand of supporters from non-footballers or non-top-footballer countries..
    You see people from Colombia, Oceania, Ireland(i think) pretending that at least ONCE in their life they saw a young wc talent arriving and becoming a world star.

    Just a idea: if you want a serious debate about football, you should block everybody from countries that NEVER will win nothing and NEVER will have a balon d'or, for example.
    Whats the point about those guys opinions??? Can i go to some New Zealand chat and start to teach them how to recognize the better wc prospects among young Rugby players?
    Again, if you NEVER saw a young wc prospect struggling in his first years, like Kaka or Ronaldinho who were booed by they local supporters here, how could you judge????

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