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Thread: Spanish La Liga 2017/2018

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    At times?

    When talking about Skriniar playing DM at times I got hammered and now we use that for Medel?
    Why did I use the word hammered? Maybe I ment a hammer? Hammering me?
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    I've had hemorrhoids more useful than this piece of shit.
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    i fucking love karamoah.
    He reminds me of my little cousin who is fucking retarded

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    this was a good El Clasico, but the Messi goal should not stand because it looks like Suarez fouled Varane
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    I couldn't care less about the thanks on a football forum lol
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    If Icardi is ever sold for 110m euros i'll stop watching football and promote Pimp to moderator.

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    Yeah Suarez fouled Varane.

    Also Bale should have been sent off for his foul for Umtiti
    Marcelo probably should have won penalty too.
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    I think the point is theres a fine line between comming across as a learned individual and comming across as a bit of a wanker, and utilising every corner of your vocabulary on a global internet football forum with people many of whom don't have don't have english as their first language makes you come across as the latter.

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    Barcelona are losing to Levante 5-1! I had never watched Yerry Mina before but in this match he's shit.

    - - - Updated - - -

    5-2 just now with Coutinho.

    - - - Updated - - -

    5-4 FT. Barcelona lost for the first time in La Liga this season.
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    Torres got 2 goals on his final game for Atletico Madrid.

    A Europa League medal, a brace and the captains armband. A great way to bow out.
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