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Thread: Spanish La Liga 2017/2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azul View Post
    In that free kick I believe the GK could have done better, the ball is way too far out and is not a powerful shot for him not even making an attempt to dive for it, Iīm not saying he could have saved it easily, the way the ball dips in the last meter is unbelievable but still...
    After the goal the Gk was also complaining about something, probably didnīt see the ball leaving.

    See the replay at 52 seconds the ball isnīt coming that fast
    Wow, those commentators barely even comment on how mind-blowingly brilliant that FK was. Look at that last replay! The ball is in the stratosphere until it suddenly appears right at the face of the goal. And all of this in swampy conditions.

    Man, I'll miss this guy so much in 5 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Besnik View Post
    That goal of Suarez was a pure beauty...
    Samu had one that I think was even better, tbh - also assisted by Leo

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