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Thread: UEFA Champions League 2017/2018

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    I really don't know why you guys are doubting that Fazio and Juan can slow down Messi and Suarez
    Quote Originally Posted by Arlen View Post
    The problem with this kind of site in english is the international brand of supporters from non-footballers or non-top-footballer countries..
    You see people from Colombia, Oceania, Ireland(i think) pretending that at least ONCE in their life they saw a young wc talent arriving and becoming a world star.

    Just a idea: if you want a serious debate about football, you should block everybody from countries that NEVER will win nothing and NEVER will have a balon d'or, for example.
    Whats the point about those guys opinions??? Can i go to some New Zealand chat and start to teach them how to recognize the better wc prospects among young Rugby players?
    Again, if you NEVER saw a young wc prospect struggling in his first years, like Kaka or Ronaldinho who were booed by they local supporters here, how could you judge????

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    Quote Originally Posted by wera View Post
    I think Sevilla was the lucky one - same group as Liverpool, which had Maribor in it, then a shitty United out of the group. 8 strong teams in it, no lucky ones anymore. I believe Sevilla can win against Bayern. Bayern has lots of injuries yet again.
    Lewa will smoke them to the moon. Jupp Heynkes, this guy will make it to the final with Bayern Im sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADRossi View Post
    I think Juve would rather play Real over two legs than one, for what it's worth.
    History backs that up, In the Champions League era they have meet 4 times over two legs and Juventus have won them all.

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    Liverpool vs City should be cracking tie if league game is anything to go by.

    They play on Wendesday and then on the weekend Liverpool will play Everton in the derby and City will play ManUtd.

    Return leg is on Tuesday, will be interesting if the rest player for derby. City can as they will win the league even if they field their reserves but gap between Liverpool and 5th placed team is not big.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cal View Post
    I think the point is theres a fine line between comming across as a learned individual and comming across as a bit of a wanker, and utilising every corner of your vocabulary on a global internet football forum with people many of whom don't have don't have english as their first language makes you come across as the latter.

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