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Thread: First time Milano

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    First time Milano

    Im a little bored so.. i decided to maybe share with you some of my happiest days of my life..
    For years im dreaming to visit my brother at Milano, after most of my family was there, and i only see him two times in a year when he come to israel.
    So one day my brother who lives with me in Israel decided to do me suprise and take me to our older brother at Italy.
    My brother himself been there for 3 times (4 with this one) and one day at school he called me to the cellphone and say to me "Start packing, we going to Milano" (only in hebrew ).
    Here are some of the pics ! Dream come true ! San Siro ! Delle Alpi ! see a game of Inter, who wins that match 1-0 against juve at Torino.

    My brother at the Airport when we arrive, 5:00 AM..

    The view from my big brother appartment, center of Milano.

    The way to Torino, what a view !!!! (The Alpies)

    Some crazy Italian's playin' football near the stadium, before the match.

    The Stadium during the match ! im with the Curva Nord !!!

    The fellas celebrating the goal with Cruz ! A Memory for life.

    Me and my brother who lives there at a beatifull place near the Doumo

    Me and my brother at San Siro ! we took a tour, i was the the dressing room and the VIP and some cool places there..

    Me and my Brother at the VIP at San Siro ! YA MAAN !!!

    And last picture for now.. We also visit Lugano at Swizerland, so here a beatifull picture, what an amazing view !

    So.. i hope you enjoyed reading this..
    That was an amazing week.. !
    Im Back..

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    I wish I was there, I really want to go visit the San Siro. Hope you didnt have any riots with juve fans

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    Great pics, those shot of the Alpes are majestic. I am really dreaming of that already

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    Im Tellin' you !!!!!!!!!!
    That was an amazing week ! AMAZING PLACE !!!
    im in love with Milano ! with Italy !
    the views, the people ! the shops ! the FOOTBALL !!!!!!
    Everything is so great, i enjoyed every moment there !
    and im definitly coming back sometime !
    Im Back..

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