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Thread: Retro Calcio

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    To try and follow up on 80s/90s football, Stojkovic - who's on a league of his own anyway – questionable transfer moves and all the different what-ifs of a player's career (but moving from the Jugoslavian “school” to the Magyar one), mandatory:

    Lajos Detari also managed to show glimpses of his class against us, playing in heavy rains on the waterlogged pitch of the Stadio Del Conero (it was a memorable, at least for the Marchigiani supporters, Ancona-Inter 3-0, 1992/1993 season).

    Retro note about that 1992/1993 season for Inter: just today Gazzetta dello Sport reporter Andrea Masala came up with a video emphasizing the obvious difference between the current training camp in Lugano (behind close doors and with unprecedented levels of security) and that summer preparation in Cavalese (Fiemme Valley, Trentino) with Osvaldo Bagnoli as a coach.

    Both journalists and fans were literally on the sideline, listening to l'Usvald/“il Mago della Bovisa” yelling at his players, and they could hang with everyone after training: as always, Zenga was a bit “bossy”, Bergomi the silent leader, Berti was jokingly slapping Schillaci on the neck after TotÚ's legendary grammatical errors during the interviews, and so on.

    At the risk of sounding stereotypical (again), “those were different times”... a genuine “pane e salame” ritiro (bread and salami, as we say).

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    Detari also ended up in Greece, a so called game changing transfer, a record transfer with stolen money
    Didn't change shit though
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