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Thread: The problems for 2005/2006

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    The problems for 2005/2006

    Every summer is a summer of fun, tension, annoyance and well - hope. But we have already started next season on a low with this:

    MILAN - (ANSA) - Maurizio Laudi of the Lega Calcio Disciplinary Commission has suspended Christian Vieri for two Serie A matches for "hitting Franceschini with his fist or with a closed hand, and at the same time brusquely pushing him away with his other arm" during the match against Reggina at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium last 29 May. An extenuating circumstance for Vieri is the fact that Franceschini immediately regained his position on the pitch, for which reason the Disciplinary Commission considers the two-match ban "adequate and consistent with the criteria constantly applied in similar cases".

    Will we ever get a break?

    Oh well, here we can post the problems for next season...

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    The problem for now is that in the transfer market its all about rumors, while all the other teams are declaring in a full mouth which player they want and what are they ambition.
    I think that at this part already we need to give something for the next season, even that we didn't play the Coppa Final yet.
    Im Back..

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