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  • Russia

    10 38.46%
  • Saudi Arabia

    0 0%
  • Egypt

    13 50.00%
  • Uruguay

    25 96.15%
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Thread: Group A - Russia/Uruguay/Saudi Arabia/Egypt

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottishInterista View Post
    Why anyone would stick anything up their Uretha for any reason is beyond me.
    For glory of course Other people stick different things in different places for less.
    Inter is an artistic venture, almost poetic. It is capable of provoking immense, unreachable joy and bitter disappointment. Itís never done by half-measures.
    For me, Inter is the opening to new worlds and courage. Itís a strong passion, a marvellous illness. You can put up with the weaknesses and admire the courage, the same way you would with a son.
    ó Massimo Moratti

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    the good thing about football is that doping can only help you so much if you can't play. on the other hand, in sports like cycling: you run more, you win, so doping totally makes the difference.
    "As usual in Italy some decisions are made without sense and logic. The dark side of the football that we tried to clean up returns to light".

    Fabio Liverani, Lecce coach.

    My username has nothing to do with the player of liverpool fc, it is a reference to an Italian novel.

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