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Thread: World Cup Prediction Game

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    All with logical analysis and zero biases at all

    1. Who wins the World Cup? (5 points)

    2. Who are the other three semi-finalists? (1 point each)
    Spain, Brazil, Germany

    3. Who is the leading goal scorer? How many goals do they score? (3 points for the player, 1 point for the number of goals)
    Ronaldo- 6 goals

    4. Who is the leading assist provider? How many assists do they provide? (2 points for the player, 1 point for the number of assists)
    Bruno Fernandes- 4 assists

    5. Predict a country from Pot A of the World Cup draw who does not make it out of the group stage. You may only guess one country. (2 points for a correct country)

    6. Who wins the golden ball award? (3 points for the correct player)

    7. Does a team from Africa or North American advance to the quarterfinals? Yes or no. (1 point for the correct answer)

    8. How many countries fail to earn at least one point during the group stage? (2 points for the correct number of countries)

    9. Who wins the best goalkeeper award? (1 point for the correct player)
    Rui Patricio

    10. How many matches end in a penalty shootout during the tournament? (2 points for the correct number of matches)

    11. How many goals do Inter players score during the World Cup? (2 points for the correct number of goals)

    12. Which continent has the most number of countries win their group? (1 point for the correct continent)

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    Russia will beat spain.
    Brazil will beat mexico
    Belgium will beat japan

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