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Thread: Genoa - Inter (17 Feb 18)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyballon d'Or View Post
    You got us spot on here. Seeing you guys struggling and failing getting into CL every year gives me great satisfaction as a Juve fan. The reactions on the forum are also really funny from an outsiders perspective, and sometimes after a defeat I fix myself dinner and eat it while reading the forum. The entertainment is that good for me. It's amazing that two teams(I'm including Milan here) with your budget manage to fail year after year in getting a CL spot and destroy the careers of some promising players along the way. I remember reading on this forum how Guarin would mop the floor with Vidal or how Kdog would become the new Pogba. I guess hindsight is a dark beast but the excitement each year when you start out good only to be deflated during the winter is fun to observe from afar.
    Continue to enjoy from afar if you please but you won’t be posting here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CafeCordoba View Post
    As much as we like opinions from different clubs' fans, even Milan and Juventus fans, maybe you should change your tone.
    He can change his tone at a different forum
    Quote Originally Posted by Arlen View Post
    The problem with this kind of site in english is the international brand of supporters from non-footballers or non-top-footballer countries..
    You see people from Colombia, Oceania, Ireland(i think) pretending that at least ONCE in their life they saw a young wc talent arriving and becoming a world star.

    Just a idea: if you want a serious debate about football, you should block everybody from countries that NEVER will win nothing and NEVER will have a balon d'or, for example.
    Whats the point about those guys opinions??? Can i go to some New Zealand chat and start to teach them how to recognize the better wc prospects among young Rugby players?
    Again, if you NEVER saw a young wc prospect struggling in his first years, like Kaka or Ronaldinho who were booed by they local supporters here, how could you judge????

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatdude View Post
    Continue to enjoy from afar if you please but you won’t be posting here.
    Thank You.
    I personally felt like twisting a knife in our wound. And that fucker sawyer should keep it civilized too, cuz since bbilan is on this winning streak he keeps popping out of his bunker throwing shit left and right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatdude View Post
    Continue to enjoy from afar if you please but you won’t be posting here.
    Amen brother

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