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Thread: Italian Serie A 2018/2019

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    Yeah sure, but he's not the type of player that the Laziali heralded as some sort of legend. They liked him but that was it. I don't think he ever expressed any sentiments towards Lazio in particular. It makes more sense than Roberto Mancini for example, but that only because he never played for Roma.
    It's not like Nesta or Di Canio or even those buttheads fratelli Filippini who made a very short but impactful stay at Lazio.
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    He said once that he could never coach Roma or Milan (he also mentioned Palermo and Genoa in this sort of black list). So I don't know about Lazio supporters, but he does hold Lazio in a special place. At least when it comes to words, given that he has already coached Milan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Choppin Onions View Post
    Roma starting to spiral out of control. Supporters despise Pallota, DDR being forced out, new stadio caught up in endless amounts of red tape and corruption, selling their best players year after year and now possibly hiring Miha, a mid-table manager at best.
    And ended a terrible season only three points behind us.

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    Because if some you haven't noticed, we had internal struggles as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
    If Icardi is ever sold for 110m euros i'll stop watching football and promote Pimp to moderator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wera View Post
    Because if some you haven't noticed, we had internal struggles as well.
    And Roma and Milan didn't? As well as having much worse teams?

    Come on. I appreciate what Spalletti has done but he has under performed this season there's no arguing it.
    ďA good performance, I donít know if we are talking about one point gained or two points lost. But the team did what it had to do."
    Luciano Spalletti on Udinese(17th) - Inter 0 - 0

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    Cittadella just beat Hellas 2-0 for Serie A promotion.
    Looks like Cittadella gonna be in Seria A next year.

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