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Thread: Lautaro Martinez

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    I'm happy with his contribution so far. Of course he could have done much better, but demanding that as a standard is asking too much from him. Next season that should be the goal though and I'm certain he can be there. But we need to use a 2 striker system.

    Icardi had 2 chances from a vertical situation in a short time, one that he freed himself and Politano fucked his shot (if it was a low colpo di biliardo if would have been super dangerous though) and the other where he shot right at the keeper from Nainggolan's pass. He also went outside the box and was useful as there was someone to pass to. If Lautaro had a true poacher instict he'd have put himself in a scoring position from that parallel ball right after the rabona cross.

    Having a striking partner brings the best out of Icardi and having Lautaro + Keita as options is very useful and we need to see this from the start vs Sassuolo. I wouldn't start Lautaro, but I'd definitely consider subbing him on for Perisic or Keita at some point. [where Perisic would play on the left and Keita as the SS and then whoever remains sticks to the left wing spot).

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    An article on Football Italia about Martinez

    The conundrum of how often and where to use Lautaro Martinez was always there for Inter and Luciano Spalletti, but they had hoped not to face it in quite such an open and hostile manner.

    “Keep going like this and your luck will run out,” Mario Martinez wrote on Twitter after the game against Tottenham. Lautaro’s father was obviously disappointed that his son didn’t come on instead of Keita Balde Diao and he chose social media to vent his feelings. The tweet was deleted and that probably might have been the end of it. This proved not to be the case. Lautaro had nothing to do with the comments, yet it came against the backdrop of Ivan Perisic’s ill-timed comments about wanting to play in the Premier League and got more coverage.

    Spalletti, whilst brushing the Croatian’s comments under the table, instead chose to focus on the Argentine, claiming he needs to surround himself with positive influences. The whole situation seemed like a storm in a tea cup (especially as his father denied he even had a Twitter account to Marca). All seemed calm again, until Martinez’s agent added fuel to the fire saying that: “This is a difficult topic, I was in Milan for three months and I can say that having a player like him and giving him little space on the pitch is complicated.”

    For all the unnecessary comments, there is no escaping that Martinez has only played 350 minutes of football for Inter, scoring twice and providing an assist. Whilst statistically this is a good return, there was also 90 minutes where he was anonymous against Genoa, that should be acknowledged.

    The 21-year-old has much to learn, but he is very talented and according to Sam Kelly (Argentinian Football journalist), “is similar to Mauro Icardi. He's got good movement, links well with teammates, and is an explosive finisher. They're from a very similar mould, in many ways.” In the same interview for Football Italia, Sam pointed out that Lautaro is not a Number 10 any means, something that has both good and bad connotations for the Nerazzurri. On the one hand they have an out an out replacement for Icardi, this was proven against Frosinone recently, but then again there can’t be much scope for advancement as an understudy.

    Whilst there is justification to say that he should stay and wait for his moments, he is only 21. Spalletti appreciates the potential and does seemingly want to get him more minutes. Many assumed that due to his incredibly close friendship with Icardi, that is developing week by week, he could play alongside him, but two-striker systems are not really in vogue right now.

    Against Roma however, Spalletti deployed him (albeit for a short period of time) in a wide position and perhaps this is the answer. Perhaps Lautaro should take note of what Unai Emery is doing at Arsenal with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and how he either deputises for Alexandre Lacazette (as he did against Tottenham this weekend) or plays out wide. These two are also close friends who play in the same position for a club that plays one striker. It is not inconceivable that Spalletti is thinking the same thing, as it would be careless not to exploit the youngster’s talents.

    Lautaro may now start to get more game time in this position, a situation heightened by Ivan Perisic’s lack of form. Should he embrace this, then arguably Inter could have another explosive finisher on the field at the same time.

    "Lautaro can turn in the traffic of the defenders with great ease, has insights, ability to go to the box,” said Spalletti a few weeks ago. So why not from a wide position? Patience will surely be a virtue with Martinez (perhaps someone should inform his camp of this).

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    Hope he gonna start in all our EL match. Coppa and EL match is perfect for his development and spalletti should realized he can throw all his mad experiment at games agaibts benevento not doing it in crucial games.
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    Why criticize like he was the worst player in the team?
    either people are having a high standard for inter or they just racist

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    fuck em all


    there is no doubt he will be great one day, but seems to me him and icardi aint gonna work
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    We need to cjange our whole system so that those two work and Lautaro needs to improve some aspects of hia game. Just in time when Cholo comes with his 4-4-2
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasha View Post
    there is no doubt he will be great one day, but seems to me him and icardi aint gonna work
    I think that is a lot down to the fact that Lautaro is a bit raw right now. He is a bit soft and has moments in the game where he wastes the ball.

    I think we don't really know until next season when he has matured and gotten used to this level too.

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    Lautaro Martinez’s agent insists there is zero chance of the Inter striker leaving on loan this month. “It’s impossible.”

    Real Betis had reportedly enquired Inter about bringing in Martinez, given their lack of attacking firepower and the Argentine struggling for game time at San Siro.

    However, Beto Yaque told He’s always been happy. Then of course, like any footballer when he doesn’t play, let’s say he was a bit agitated.

    “Perhaps it was because he felt he could take to the field, but now he’s calmed down.

    “He’s happy in Milan and he’s hoping for a prosperous 2019 for him and Inter, so we can categorically deny that he’ll move to Betis.

    “Lautaro has a five-year contract with the Nerazzurri, where he’s happy, and he doesn’t want to leave. He’ll stay in Milan.

    “He never thought about asking for a loan move away. He felt the lack of minutes, yes, but he also felt the affection and faith of the fans, club and his teammates.

    “Therefore I repeat, he’s never, ever thought about leaving Inter. He was very happy about scoring the winner against Napoli. It was what he needed and it took the weight off him.

    “We were aware that he needed a period to adapt to Italian football, but I knew he would from the first day we got to this beautiful country.

    “I told Zanetti that he wouldn’t have any problems and the lad then held his own, growing and finding space in the team.

    “His objective is to be Inter’s striker for the next 10 years. He and Icardi are friends off the field, plus I believe that every time they play together, they cause their opponents problems.

    “Let’s give it time, but there’s no doubt that they can do very well together. I have to say that various clubs are interested in Martinez.

    “None of it is official, also because Inter haven’t said anything to me. Some intermediaries from Seville and Valencia have called me, I guess to test waters, but it’s impossible.”

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    Him going on loan makes 0 sense. We all saw what happened last year when Icardi was out injured and we had to rely on Eder for a month. This would be even worse
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    Why on earth would he go out on loan now? He's getting more and more minutes, he's scored 5 already, and with Keita injured we have even more need of additional forwards.
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    From the article linked above: "However, the response from the Nerazzurri didn't take long: the striker won't leave the club"

    Case closed, if there ever was one.

    By the way, should the management ever decide to loan him out, I'd rather have him on loan to an Italian club and build some more experience in Serie A.

    For the same reason, I wasn't particularly enthusiastic at the idea of karamoh going back to France, I feel he's wasting a year
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    Should be starting half of the games in the place of Perisic or Politano.

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    I would like to see him more as well, but I'm not seeing how playing him in the wing would work, nor would I trust this team to playing 442. I think the reality is that he plays when Icardi isn't playing, or when we're chasing the game. Although more than 10 minutes would be good
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    Why not 1 winger and 2 strikers, and one of those 2 strikers helping more in D? Icardi or Lautaro.

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