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Thread: UEFA Champions League 2018/2019

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    Then cry like mad men when we drop out

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    I would prefer one of Chelsea or Bayern from Pot 1, the rest I don't care tbh. Oh, and hopefully we get to face Copenhagen in the group stages, would make things easier for me to watch Inter live since I haven't been in Meazza yet.

    But first Copenhagen has to make it to the group stages

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toninu View Post
    He's coaching Tottenham are we expecting him to win the CL?

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    Not really, the more you water down the competition the more it loses it's prestige.
    Once you get to the final, yes.

    Also little history lesson also allowed leicester to pip him to the epl title when he had the chance to win it...
    Forza Inter per sempre!!!!
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