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Thread: Eddy Salcedo

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    Quote Originally Posted by .h. View Post
    falcao law, ironically, was created for use against the very person who it is being invoked against.
    Hm, I wonder if that's even ironic. It just is what it is.

    It would be ironic if a person who created the term Falcao Law started hyping up players of his nationality.
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    I couldn't care less about the thanks on a football forum lol
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    If Icardi is ever sold for 110m euros i'll stop watching football and promote Pimp to moderator.

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    It's called falcao law because crzd kept telling us to sign him in like 12.

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    So currently people are pissed at our u20 coach for being a little bitch

    He said he would not call up Eddy to the WC because he has played for Italy and we don’t want mercenaries who will put on any jersey.

    His dad then responded that no one ever called them from our federation to join the team and that Eddy wants to play for Colombia but it’s weird for a grown man to stalk a 17 year old try to contact him on what’sup messenager then bitch on the radio because that child didn’t respond haha

    Then our federation came out saying anyone who is Colombian and want to play for our team and their clubs allow them to come to camp will be considered.

    Funny drama as people are asking for Eddy and Povada(Man City but has played for their 1st team and has been capped by England’s youth team)
    VAR is some serious Bullshit!

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