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Thread: Player Of The Season

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    Player Of The Season

    Post your player of the season while explaining why you chose this player as the player of the season. It would be nice if this were to be a poll out of the following players:

    Javier Zanetti
    Ivan Cordoba

    I myself will have to sit and think on this one.

    Adriano has been incredible for us this season. So far (he has one match left) he has 28 goals in all competitions, our leading goal scorer. 16 Serie A goals, 7 Champions league goals, 2 Coppa Italia goals and 4 Champions league qualifier goals. With 2 hat tricks this season: 1 against Messina when we won 5-0 and when he almost single-handedly destroyed Porto (3-1).
    His goal of the season (against Udinese not to mention a miraculous free kick he scored in that match as well) he ran over 75 yds going past at least 3 defenders that struggled to chase him all over the field. He has suffered injuries and received critisicm while trying to comeback from those injuries but he always manages to silence the critics with outstanding displays of football.

    We got Cambiasso on a free transfer from Real Madrid. Little did we know that he would become the most irreplaceable player on our squad. Cambiasso has extraordinary ability both on and off the ball. He can make the most creative plays and he can be the most helpful player defensively. His consistency is excellent and he has been amazing throughout the entire season. It doesn't matter who you partner him with he'll always do his best and you can always count on him.

    Does Capitano ever disappoint us? He played both on the right and left this season like he always does and rarely gives a below-par performance. He pulls 40 yd runs out of his ass and makes them look like nothing. He gives everything to us and loves us like no other. There is no doubt who should be captain until he decides to put football to a rest. He's the biggest leader in the world. Whether its making a game saving tackle to winning us an important corner he's always there and can always change the course of the game.

    Ivan Cordoba IMO is the fastest defender in the world. Also, he's the hardest defender to get past in a 1 on 1 situation. He might be short but hes a fackin bullet and not to mention his Hulkish strength as well. He's the most valuable CB on our team (even though that doesnt mean much with us lmao) and is irreplaceable. I wouldnt want to trade him for Rio Ferdinand or Alessandro Nesta because he's that damn good. He works harder than anyone on the field because he's working with a pretty poor defense and most of the time he does it all on his own. When you see us getting a clean sheet you definetly better thank Cordoba.

    Now, because of what I saw today (thrashing of Roma) my POFTY would have to be Adriano. He's a machine and when his on top of his game he's the best striker on the planet. ADRIANOOOOOOO!!!!! :inter:

    Thanks guys and please post your Player of the year and comments!

    *18* VERO

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    J. Zanetti, Fig

    They're all worthy candidates, but I'll definitely go with Cambiasso.

    I had my doubts at first but he's emphatically made an imapct, he's irreplaceable (as you said) and is a rock in midfield. He also comes up with the odd goal and has shown great leadership skills.

    At the moment I see future captains being Cordoba and Cambiasso. Cambiasso is a born leader in my opinion and if we can keep him for the rest of his career and he can maintain this high playing level for years to come then we will be very fortunate.

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    All those 4 are definitely worthy candidates, just like primo-inter said. As for me, it's a toss up between Cambiasso and Cordoba. Cordoba had a very hard task covering up for Matrix and Mihajlovic all the time. A very tough decision to choose one from those two, but I am chosing CAMBIASSO

    (1) Cambiasso
    (2) Cordoba
    (3) Adriano
    (4) J.Zanetti

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    I was doubting at first, but after the Coppa Italia first round I have to say Adriano. I was doubting between Cambiasso and Adriano, but Adriano saved our asses on numurous occasions. When we needed a goal, he scored,... He kept us in the Champions League by eating Porto by himself, not to mention he got us in the competition by scoring three goals against Basel in two matches, in the first part of the season he knocked down every defense in Italy and he secured a lot of points for us.

    (1) Adriano
    (2) Cambiasso
    (3) Cordoba
    (4) J Zanetti

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    Sorry but I have alread opened a topic regarding this a couple of weeks ago. Here it is. Sorry but you guys have to vote again there.


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