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Thread: German Bundesliga 2018/2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by wera View Post
    Cutting in was his trademark, but he also has a few goals with his right and a bunch load of assists. He was the winger you could depend on.
    Yeah, fantastic player and that cut back, shoot was his trademark but he had so many other attributes. Strange he became fitter and more hard worker as he got older and worked with Pep.

    He was brilliant to watch in World cup 2014, especially against Spain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockball View Post
    I rate Robben so highly. For someone who practically did one thing which is to cut in and shoot, it's amazing that he was so fucking effective for so fucking long. Incredible!
    No he didn't

    He was a complete support striker [think Del Piero type of player] that drifted out wide occasionally and under Mourinho was converted into a full time winger and the rest is history. I remember him from his PSV days, you just knew it that he'd be legendary. The only thing you couldn't easily predict was his hair situation
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    his hair situation
    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
    If Icardi is ever sold for 110m euros i'll stop watching football and promote Pimp to moderator.

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