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Thread: Inter - Milan (21 Oct 18)

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    Just got back in Holland from the game, didn't watch it back so this post isn't the most objective but who cares after a win like this!!

    Amazing atmosphere during the game. I could feel the tension and importance of the game when I arrived at the stadium. It wasn't a very good game i thought, alot of bad passes from both teams.When Ninja got injured i felt already bad about the rest of the game, I didn't saw the foul on Ninja but i thought it was at least a yellow card maybe even red because he got from behind? Borja was so f*ckin bad yesterday, couldn't compete with the speed of the game. Asamoah wasn't his normal self i thought and was Perisic injured?

    Skriniar and de Vrij, amazing duo de Vrij did made some bad passes but nothing to worry about. Icardi showed why he is 1 of the best strikers at the moment, I hope we will tie players like Skriniar, Icardi, Brozovic, de Vrij to stay with Inter for alot of years. These players could be the heart from a new world class team.

    What an amazing feeling to win the derby like this. Last year I visited my first derby ever and we won in the last minute and yesterday again so I think I should visit from now on every year the derby to secure the win.

    I also thought Kessie was the only players I would like to see at Inter from this Milan team. I thought he was good with the ball and very strong and decisive with winning the ball back but all the other players from Milan are very hot in the media for nothing. Milan's defence is terrible at position and marking their man.

    But who cares after yesterday, MILANO SIAMO NOI!

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    Each of the last five Serie A goals scored by Inter against AC Milan have been netted by Mauro Icardi, a new record of consecutive goals for an Inter's player in the Milan Derby since 1929/30.

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    Free Worldwide Delivery is currently on promo on web. Thank you, Icardi.

    I thought football in Italy had changed, but it seems that a zebra never changes its stripes.

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    I need to come back to this thread and read the reactions during the game for all the Vecino fuckups... I know I found myself cursing in front of the TV a couple of times, so I can only imagine the h8ers

    Dollarumma was like: "Vecino's gonna cross towards the first post."
    First defender was like: "Vecino's gonna cross towards the first post."
    Vecino was like: "I'm crossing this towards the first post."
    Icardi was like: "Wait, noone in this team can cross, this is a trap. Imma go the other direction"
    The rest is history

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    Quote Originally Posted by nerazzurri4life View Post
    Was at the game tonight as I'm sure some other FiF'ers were. Still buzzing tbh. Great seats, middle field, row fucking 1 (expensive af). Curious to see comments from others who were at the game.

    - Totally dominated Bbilan. Was very surprised at how easy they coughed the ball up once we pressed them. Just total domination.
    - We wasted too many chances
    - Icardi did fuck all the entire match. He's my dude, but today was not a great effort offensively. Still works his ass off pressing. Non stop fitness/energy. Great at corners too. Movement for the goal was what we pay him for though. To read that flight of the ball, dash towards the ball, then ghost backwards.....just sex man. Jeez.
    - I now see why Vecino is the preferred starter. Dude is literally everywhere and shows up for great chances. Needs to fucking finish off those plays though. I mean, damn, that left-footed side foot shot from 12yds out, ZERO bbilan pressure, should be goal, not row z. But dude is everywhere. Non-stop engine. Wins headers. Tough tackler. Not a huge risk taker with the ball offensively though. If there's a little pressure, he will play safe. If he reads no pressure, he will turn and play forward.
    - Skriniar is straight up BEAST MODE. We cannot lose him no matter what.
    - All plays flow through brozo, but he still has brain fart moments.
    - For all the grandpa shit he gets on the forum, Borja is top dawg in my books. This dude finds pockets of spaces for penetrating passes from vecino/brozo with ease. If we had a fucking offensive plan with movements by striker and wide players, he'd be devastating. Also, technique is flawless. Touches and shit....damn
    - Politano gets lost in space defensively a lot. Left sime with a lot of 2v1s because he's chilling up field too high, or too inside.
    - Perisic needs a month off or something. Total shell of a player. Barely tried to take on fucking CALARBIA of all people. Its' fucking CALABRIA peri. And you had countless 1v1s in the final third to take him on, but chose to pass back. Pathetic.
    - Asa has been poor a couple of games now. Time to switch him out a bit. He's been playing since pre-season.

    - Keita is a waste....if lucho is fine playing a SS player wide (and he's been clueless wide, in defense and attack), then fucking play lautaro. Lautaro is OUR player. Not Keita.
    - Candreva is exactly what you see on tv

    - Suso is the only player on milan worth a damn. While he falls easily, much stronger than i thought on the ball.

    Great game and great atmosphere 3rd derby game live. This one was the best for sure.

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    This was my first Inter match at San Siro. I was coming off a 2 week trip through Croatia and Bosnia and added an extra week through Italy because of the match. Wife and friends couldn't stay so they fucked off back to the States while I traveled around Italy solo. Would have been worth it regardless, but it sure helped that Inter won the match. Atmosphere was awesome, the coreo, the chants, everything. Couldn't have asked for a better first match to go to. As an added bonus, I went to Botinero on Monday night and ran into Zamorano and got my picture taken with him. Looked like a bunch of ex-players were having a rowdy dinner in the private back room. I briefly considered dressing up like a waiter to try and sneak in.

    Anyway, I pretty much agree on all those thoughts. We've struggled in most matches this season, but Milan were pathetic. Not winning that game would have been criminal.
    - Icardi and Higuain couldn't have had more than 20 touches each. Both invisible for the majority of the game.
    - Politano obviously offers something in attack that Candreva hasn't in years but like you said, his positional awareness is lacking. There was one time where Milan were attacking down his side and I was trying to find out WTF he was and he was all the way on the other side of the pitch hanging out with Perisic. Stuff like that makes it more clear why Spalletti would consider Candreva at times
    - the Skriniar / de Vrij partnership is fantastic and was great to watch in person. Haven't felt this confident in our back line in quite a while. Most of our defensive issues are more the fault of our midfield and cheap giveaway of possession
    - as far as Lautaro and Keita go, it's unfortunate that 2 of our attackers have zero place in our formation. you'd like to see a way for Spalletti to work them in at times
    - Brozo wouldn't be Brozo without some inexplicably bad decisions, you just have to hope that he continues to keep them limited to a few a game and doens't go full retard.
    - Asamoah had some bad moments but he did keep Suso fairly quiet and if Suso and Higuain are quiet then Milan is toast
    - Can't help but laugh at Donnaruma and his 6mil wages flailing like an amateur as Icardi heads in the winner

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