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My issue thus far with Marotta is that he's brought more trouble than stability. Sure, we knew he wanted to keep the coach until the end of the season, but we also knew that he wanted to get rid of him.

Ever since he came here:
- PSV happened. Not his fault, but terrible coincidence.
now i know why it's still cold at May, this fucking Marotta is ruining everything.

No but seriously, i don't think that Marotta did something wrong. And much of your points are good things. If you want a new coach then you have to contact the new one before june. What happend with Mancini would never ever happend if Marotta was here, believe me. He already saw that Spalletti was over here and started to have contact with Conte. You make it sound like a bad thing, but imagine we would fire Spalletti in October after losing the first Serie A matches. And then we need to get some shitty coach like Zenga, another year zero. While Conte already coaches PSG that found an agreement before summer.

What happend with Perisic-Icardi-Nainngolan has nothing to do with Marotta. The players made this show. We could blame Spalletti that was involved in this shit instead of finding a solution to calm the situation.