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Thread: SK Rapid Wien - Inter (14 Feb 19)

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    Quote Originally Posted by forzainter257 View Post
    Did anyone even notice that we played without Brozovic? We were also in need of Skriniar who usually start/join the attacks from behind.

    I like Lautaro a lot, but never thought playing him over Icardi would magically solve all our problems instantly. Most of all, it's an absurdly unfair comparison to match Icardi with Brozo against Lautaro with no Brozo, shit opposition of not. I think we can all agree Brozo has been our most crucial midfield player by a pretty good margin.

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    I can't wait till this season is over. Hopefully with a shit ton of luck we'll somehow manage to get back into the CL. At that point, I'd like to see many of the players and the entire coaching staff gone.

    A shit performance against a very mediocre club who hasn't played in 2 months. Grande Inter indeed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogen View Post
    Given all the circumstances, I was ready to accept the bare minimum of this away win, despite a miserable display in the second half, but then Perisic and Candreva happened. It's a matter of dignity.

    Sadly, when a player falls all over the place like that and struggles to stand on his feet... those are the symptoms of "il Morbo di Puppenaz", a rare football disease diagnosed by the calcio comedy trio "gli Autogol" a few years ago.
    Jonathan was the first to suffer from it back in the day. Watch il Divino against Sampdoria

    Jonny was able to recover and I wish Perisic the same: we need him for the rest of the season.
    Oh how I miss Jonny boy!
    "Supporting Inter means deciding to make your life complicated. It's like supporting the Indians against the Cowboys, it means having a touch of masochism and melancholy. We know we have chosen a difficult love, but this makes it even more beautiful"

    -Beppe Severgnini-

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    Lol, he explained Inter's all season problems which reflects the lack of quality midfield and competent fullbacks, Icardi would have still kept isolated upfront has he played this game, until Spalletti introduces LM in the second half to put pressure on their defense and create spaces for our FWs. I fail to see how the presence of Icardi in this game would have changed the long lasting problem of how hideous we build our play. The title and the article content are incompatible, however both of them are true, still.

    Quote Originally Posted by GenDire View Post
    They should put the whole squad on the sex offender list for exposing themselves in front of 10,000 children

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