View Poll Results: Who is MOST at fault for Inter's performance this season?

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  • Spalletti

    18 41.86%
  • Management (Ausilio & co.)

    8 18.60%
  • The players

    17 39.53%
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Thread: Who is MOST at fault for Inter's performance this season?

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    Placing blame is not a particular useful exercise, its everyone's fault the we are Pazza Inter. Forward and upward Forza Inter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forzainter257 View Post
    Wow why am I seeing this thread only now?
    Spallo - 50%
    Icardi - 30%
    Perisic - 10%
    9g - 5%
    Rest of the team - 5%

    I think the management did what they had to do. They probably did their best to keep everything anonymous as possible, but when you have a captain whose wife has a big mouth it's quite difficult.
    I think Icardi getting to much of the blame. No one stood up and did anything. For his 2 month temper tantrum. We lost our best player and destroyed his relationship with the team and the fans.

    This would have been fine if we backed the coach which we obviously didnít do because he got fired even with finishing 3rd with his shit roster. So that is managements fault. Also what Icardi was asking for wasnít insane. Everyone we are linked to will want the same

    So our team implodes and our most expensive player loses almost half his transfer value and then our coach isnít backed

    Place 35% blame on Spallo and 50% of management with the rest on Wanda

    Like canít blame the team when we have a shit roster. Or do you guys blame Bologna management for not being champions or competing with Juve at the end of each season too?
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    We finished fourth anyway, not 3rd. It's almost the same but not exactly, as the difference is around 5 mill euros extra which we would have got from Serie A/sponsors for the 3rd spot.
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    I dunno about you guys but I’m still blaming Branca for all of our problems.

    Works for me.

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