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That is not correct. We were right there, dealing with Atalanta and if I understand correctly we had agreed the price with 35mÄ + 5mÄ but Kulusevski hesitated as he said in an interview last week or this week (about being coached by Conte). Juve came in and stole the deal with their 35mÄ + 9mÄ offer.

edit. Il Drago just said this same thing.

I'm not blaming he management, just stating what could happen. Tonali fits to Juve much better than to Inter, he can almost walk to their starting lineup, so this is why I feel we need to seal this fast, before Juve can generate money to spend. After all Tonali is okay coming to Inter but we need to make it happen.
I was really surprised that we were after Kulusevski eaven we didnt play any wingers... it was like someone tried to increase his price before Juve deal

I really want Tonali to Inter! He really seems promising! If we dont get him I would like Torreira, I read he wants to come back to Italy?