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Thread: Antonio Conte

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harpsabu View Post
    There were rumours about inter sacking conte only a few weeks ago and marotta said something like we'll see. I guess conte is furious about shit like that. Literally, we beat brescia 6-0 then drew or something and the media was saying crises inter conte sack etc and not a word from the club.
    The club always bends over and takes shit. Sanchez yellow for a dive, was that the only time a player was sent off this year for that? Club says nothing.
    Koulibaly racism, inter stadium closed, massive fine etc. Literally happens in about 10 other stadiums and basically nothing.
    The list goes on and on of inter getting fucked and the club just accepting it.
    Apparently, I read this on reddit, a user quoting a tancredi p tweet, says in juve if something happened like that, the head of communications is on the phone to directors and getting statements etc together ASAP. At inter, no one cares.
    There's rumors about him being annoyed with our press team for the same reasons, he constantly got attacked by the journalists with tough questions and they were never stopped. Spalletti talked about it too.
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    I think this is getting out of hand.
    Conte slammed Atalanta and lead us to 2nd place.
    Just because, Eriksen, the guy that joined us 6 months ago didn't get enough exposure, some of you guys chose to spread your hatred towards Conte.
    I do love Eriksen, but come on, it's not like he's been here for 5 seasons giving us a trophy and suddenly Conte gives him bench for whole season.
    Calm down, he will get his time eventually.

    You guys deserve spalletti and mou.
    The guy left us for Madrid and causing disarray to our club for 9 FUCKING SEASON.

    And some of you wanted Conte out next season? Think carefully about it.
    You wanted us to hire Gasp to play his 3-5-2? FUCK OFF!

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    From what I got from the interview (auto-translated by youtube), he said he would appreciate if the management would protect his players and him from the attacks they received from media. If someone got it better than me, or the Italians on this forum can illuminate us?

    If this is all the fuss is about then I'd say it's an overreaction by people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJM View Post
    Mou never called the mgmt absent bitches
    Why the fuck are u even comparing them
    Conte has no class...
    Dude left in a dispute from every club he ever coached...
    Fuck Conte and his constant crying

    Trying to quiet the controversy with more controversy in the media instead of going to the mgmt silently... Genius

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    Mou is a legend but also a glory hunter that left Inter for Real Madrid right after winning a treble. I am not saying that Conte or anyone else for that matter wouldn't do the same, just pointing out what has been done.

    Mou's deification starts to make me sick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoszee View Post
    I think this is getting out of hand.
    Conte slammed Atalanta and lead us to 2nd place.
    Just because, Eriksen, the guy that joined us 6 months ago didn't get enough exposure, some of you guys chose to spread your hatred towards Conte.
    I do love Eriksen, but come on, it's not like he's been here for 5 seasons giving us a trophy and suddenly Conte gives him bench for whole season.
    Calm down, he will get his time eventually.

    You guys deserve spalletti and mou.
    The guy left us for Madrid and causing disarray to our club for 9 FUCKING SEASON.

    And some of you wanted Conte out next season? Think carefully about it.
    You wanted us to hire Gasp to play his 3-5-2? FUCK OFF!
    The thing is that conte is subbing in Eriksen at the fucking 89th minute.
    If heís not adapting to what he wants thats fine, but donít humiliate the guy. It just seems like heís trying to send a message that heís not the player he wanted.

    Iím mad that there have been no denials about the tranfers rumors about Brozovic and Skriniar. I hope that is part of the things heís complaining about. that and the racism from the ultras.

    Itís ok to speak out but how about you do that after Europa League. Just makes shit uncomfortable and gives the press more amo to talk shit.

    I been in favor of sticking with him and give him time but the Eriksen treatment really pisses me off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie View Post
    The thing is that conte is subbing in Eriksen at the fucking 89th minute.
    If he’s not adapting to what he wants thats fine, but don’t humiliate the guy. It just seems like he’s trying to send a message that he’s not the player he wanted.
    Eriksen is just another professional player at Inter like everyone else, and at the disposal of the coach. If Moses is not "humiliated" by getting subbed in at the 89th minute, there is no reason why Eriksen should feel "humiliated".

    The coach is only doing what is best for the game. 89th minute subs are just to waste a few minutes and get some fresh legs in for the last 5-7 minutes. I suspect this humiliation thing is only in your head.
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    Nah im not buying it. I think it was a shot at management. Connect the dots, Eriksen has thus far been a player conte has made little use of despite a month long organizational transfer stand-off. Conte also has a notable history with having publicized issues with ownership, so this feels like it's right up asshole-alley.

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    I think the management can do better to protect conte from brehme

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    I swear the drama in this club is relentless, motherfucking relentless. One can't just celebrate peacefully the achievements we've thus far had as we're closing within a gap with gobbi after 9 years, 9 fucking years!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Universe View Post
    Oh, and that 3rd Sassuolo goal was so insanely predictable. The moment Valero scored and Sassuolo kicked off to restart play, I knew with all my heart that they were going to equalize. I've never been so utterly sure of anything in my life. It felt like I was having a religious experience. It's unnerving how convinced I was they would score.

    But you know the more fucked up thing is that the players knew. Those fucking bitches on the pitch, every single one of them felt the exact same inevitability of the Sassuolo goal. And they just resigned themselves to it. Pathetic.

    These cunts don't need training they need a fucking therapist.

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    We make jokes on this forum that even if we signed Messi, that Conte would either play him as WB or bench him for Dzeko and Petagna. The funniest part of that joke is that it's not even a joke - it's absolutely true. Conte is sickeningly stubborn. There is zero jest or joking in saying that if Conte had his way, we would swap Eriksen for Vidal right now.

    I appreciate that he has a specific strategy and he wants the right pieces to execute that strategy. That is fair enough. But this is a world class player and a tremendous weapon we have here in Eriksen. We didn't buy him Ricky Alvarez or Ruben Botta for fucks sake. He HAS to be more adaptable than this.

    I appreciate Conte for what he's achieved and I do agree that one way or another, he is trying to raise the bar at the club. However, he can not and must not be given unlimited freedom. He must work within the club's long-term strategy. He is not bigger than the club and trust is earned and given mutually. Conte has not earned the level of trust where we should buy him every player he wants without question. We have long-term sustainability to think about and we have already moved mountains to accommodate him. Even Guardiola and Klopp do not get everything they want.

    If you want the trust to sell our crown jewels like Skriniar for generic workhorse pieces of shit like Ndombele or Kessie, then you need to earn that trust by.. I don't know, not getting knocked out of the CL at home to Barca U15?

    He's done good work, but he needs to come to terms with reality. Marotta needs to keep his dog on a tight leash.
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    ^ he said twice that it's not about mercato though
    let's see again the inter view (i copied the translation from reddit poster):

    Quote Originally Posted by Conte
    About Getafe

    "Getafe's a really tough team, you can just look at how big teams struggled against them. But I have some amazing players and men. So, I'm relaxed about that. We'll give our all for our fans."

    About Lukaku

    "If Lukaku gets better at refining his touch and his passing, he would become a unique player. And today, Lautaro did really well too."

    About management, Messi, and our market

    "Marotta wants to give me Messi? Look, only I know what I had to do to have Lukaku come here. It wasn't easy, trust me on that."

    (Conte then gets noticeably upset at a joke DAZN made about Messi being his birthday gift)

    "Oh, Messi. Look, only I know what I had to do to have Lukaku come. Only I know, trust me" (yes he went on this twice)

    Conte gets angry at management, praises his players instead

    "They tell me we scored the same points Inter did when they won the Treble. But that Inter also won 3 League Titles before that, and Coppe Italia. Me and my players have been treated badly, and I saw little protection from the club"

    "I saw media freely attacking Inter and me. And I didn't see much protection from management. So, me and the players will be enjoying these 82 points [he excludes management here]. With all due respect towards the others. Me, staff, and the players."

    Conte almost giving the club an ultimatum

    "Will I stay at Inter? Look, we have to focus on the present. We need to regain energy for Europa League. I don't know how far we'll go, but we'll have to give it our all. This much I want to promise to our fans"

    "At the end of this season we'll be making the proper evaluations. This has been a difficult year even on a personal level. It hasn't been an easy year."

    "It's been good to work with the ones at Appiano, working with Oriali. And they deserve this happiness. My work hasn't been recognized, and neither the work of our players. And I noticed very little protection from the club, we have to be strong even outside the pitch."

    "When you want to win and beat Juve, you need to be strong on the pitch, and especially outside. At the end of the year we'll be making proper evaluations. There'll be a way to even talk to the president. But now he's in China, so..."

    "I've been brought here for a winning project. At the end of the season I'll say what I did not like. We'll make evaluations, I didn't like a lot of things. And there was zero protection towards the team and me, absolutely zero (making the sign and all)"

    "Up until 15 days ago you kept throwing a lot of ... at us... I can't say what because you can't say it on TV. [He means they threw a lot of shit on us btw, doesn't sound proper in English] You talk and talk... There needs to be protection on the pitch and off the pitch. Maybe it could be done, maybe not. Everyone will make their evaluations."

    "Today I saw a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon. And a lot of people shouldn't be jumping on it. We kept getting poop shoved on me and the players. And today people jump on the bandwagon. Everyone should just look at themselves. I have a vision. Unlike others. There's a road ahead.... And I'm not talking about the transfer market, mind you. It doesn't have anything to do with it. The other day they sent me an interview by Spalletti: he denounced some things, and we're here again in 2020 with the same issues. Let's see if we'll finally understand some changes need to happen. Let's see if the Club's Owner understands."

    More: "Nobody's dumb here, I took the heat the first year, I'm not going to do the same a second one. I hope it's clear this hasn't been about the transfer market."
    - - - Updated - - -

    he's heavily emphasized how the management can't protect him and the player.

    He said that to win title you need to be strong on the field and off the field,
    and this off the field issue that cost em the title (he didnt complain about lack of signing whatsoever)
    and also brought out how the same issue happened to spallo before.

    Now i think about it, we got a lot of shit and drama in which maybe can be handled better,
    Last year, the icardi drama. Perisic, radja.

    On top of my head this year,
    Lautaro getting shitted on because of barca rumour
    Skriniar rumour leaked
    heck even brozo drunk driving, and hospital freakout

    How could they give 100% on the pitch with all the shit

    "oh they're professional player and get paid millions, they should be able to handle the pressure, if they cant handle it then they're not suitable for big club etc"

    this player is not a robot, they deal with anxiety, depression. and lautaro is 22 y.o ffs

    the player should just focus on the field, and let the club handle others issue,
    pay off the media and tell them to fuck off

    rival media try to sow discord
    conte got crucified every week, and not a word, not even "we believe in our coach and will continue with our project"
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    i think maybe it was ausilio that conte and spaletti were talking about who leaks information to media.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitmax View Post
    i think maybe it was ausilio that conte and spaletti were talking about who leaks information to media.
    Who the fuck else...

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    Can someone tell me about Spalletti's interview? What did that man true to his baldness say?
    Quote Originally Posted by Strale View Post
    I would accept 10mil, keep Firpo or whatever the fuck his name is, if Bartomeu fucks a pig in public. Like in Black Mirror.
    Quote Originally Posted by Universe View Post
    Just start Eriksen you fat vag

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    The signal is clear. For on the field, invest in referees. For off the field, invest in the media.

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    Holy See

    He can go fuck himself.

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    This guy need stay regardless no matter what management think.

    Improved :


    Declined :


    Conte always deliver result when he get player he need.

    He just unlucky this season. There is no coach in the world who can win Scudetto with Gagliardini in midfield. Not even Klopp or Pep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by InterFCAustin View Post
    Where was this tantrum throwing at coaches when we were qualifying to CL with 8 minutes left in the game BY LUCK, vs team who going to Serie B, and giving away Zaniolo's, and buying drunkards for 30mil. (Nowadays we getting Barellas and Tonalis for 30mil, still not happy)

    Oh that's ok since that coach was only getting paid 4-5mil.

    I see how it is, all the achievements and success, are mere relevance of how much the coach is getting paid. Got it.

    Fucking Guardiola must suck, and Simeone...making all that money, with all those expensive players, and still didn't win shit this year. Fire them.
    I hated Spalletti, and said so many times here, I wanted him fired during his first season, not even after but during it, I didn't even give a fuck that he qualified us to the CL while many people were praising him for that, for me that was the bare minimum and I didn't like the way we were playing and how the team evolved through the season.

    And I was livid when we got Nainggolan for Zaniolo and said we're gonna regret it, I just didn't expect it to be that fast, I at least expected Nainggolan to be better than Zaniolo that season.

    Then Conte so far is very similar, yes of course we progressed DUH! We're paying him Ä11M per season and spent tons on money on the Mercato, the thing is that we hasn't progressed near enough.

    I expected a bare minimum of 80 points this season, we got 82 that's OK, but we don't play good enough and I still don't like how the team progressed through the season, except that this time we actually finished strong, the last 3 games of the season were promising and I hope that continues in the EL and then next season.

    I hope we do a good Mercato, outside of Hakimi and Tonali the rumors aren't very promising, I'm OK with Kumbulla but only if we sell äkriniar if not there many other positions that are much more urgent to fill.

    If we get the likes of Kantť and Děeko, I'm gonna be livid, if Conte absolutely needs a DM of that kind and we're able to spend that much money then get Declan Rice or Wilfred Ndidi not fucking Kantť, and if Conte can't manage with Esposito as 4th striker then get him Pinamonti or fuck him.

    BTW if we spend similar this Mercato as we spent last season then anything but the Scudetto and CL quarters would be a failure on Conte's part.

    Quote Originally Posted by .h. View Post
    You kind of contradict yourself tbh. You say the objective is set during pre-season, and then you retrospectively change the target because we could have pushed Juve all the way. None of us would have expected, or predicted, we'd push Juve down to 2 matchdays left.

    The worst we can possibly do this season is 7 points behind Juve, last year 2nd was 11 points behind, and we were 21 points behind them. 14 points difference in a year is pret4ty substantial. To your point about RELATIVE difference.
    WTF are you talking about, just about every football pundit (keep in mind that I watch Inter matches on ESPN (South America), Premier Sports (British), BT Sport (British), and Movistar (Spain)) expected us to challenge Rube for the Scudetto all season long, hell some even put us as favorite over then because they really rate Conte (retards I know).

    Yes, I personally didn't expect us to challenge Rube but that wasn't because we didn't have a squad good enough for it, but because it is Conte who isn't good enough.

    And WTF is with the Ndombele thing, why are we after him? Given his fitness, stamina and workrate, he's definitely not a Conte player and it's not like we can get him cheap even after his failure of a season, Levy is a fucking bastard.

    Quote Originally Posted by Harpsabu View Post
    Conte having a go again it seems at marotta and Ausilio. Saying he had to go to great lengths to get lukaku. I would say he is far from pleased at the club trying to dictate transfer strategy and forcing someone like Erikson on him.
    Then I hope he resigns, so we can get a proper coach. Who am I kidding our management is extremely incompetent we'll get another loser.

    Management shouldn't give just exactly what he wants unless it serves the team long term. No Vertonghen, no Kantť and no Děeko please.

    Quote Originally Posted by Devious View Post
    You donít have to wait for brehme to explain what Conte means by protecting the coach and players, or what he said about the other things that should have been done by the management other than the mercato. Conte knows how scudettos are won in Italy and the management didnít simply do their part in it.

    Even if we brought Messi and De Bruyen, thereíll always be that missing thing thatíll make jube still collect more points than everyone else.

    Iím actually surprised that Conte stressed it on TV, but heís a winner and winners donít like second places, heís unhappy and maybe thatís why he couldnít hold the truth back. That the Chinese are pussies and donít know the Italian way of running things.
    I'm actually split on this, if he's referring to management not getting him Vidal and getting Eriksen instead then he can fuck off and resign, we're not signing old dudes with immense wages that at most can give us a season or two just because he's incapable of using young and/or talented players.

    If however Conte is referring to Rube's cheating all the time, then of course management should be doing a lot more about it, but if that's the case then he shouldn't beat around the bushes and just call Rubentus the scum they are, oh wait he's one of them.

    Quote Originally Posted by ElDiego22 View Post
    Back Conte or I won't watch Inter play for a foreseeable future.
    Get rid of Conte or I won't watch Inter play for a foreseeable future.
    "Si chiamerŗ Internazionale, perchŤ noi siamo fratelli del mondo"

    "It will be called Internazionale, because we are brothers of the world"

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    I couldnt give a fuck what the critics think.

    Our back up midfielders are Vaero, GGaagliardini and Vecino - compared to juve who have Raamsay and Rabiot?

    Our back up striker is a guy who has been shit for like minimum 3 seasons - Juve have Higuain.

    Anyone who expected us to compete with Juve for the scudetto this season is an idiot.

    You set objectives at the start of the season, objectively. It avoids the emotion of a hot streak. My objective was to substantially improve on last season, where we made the CL with 8 minutes to spare. We've smashed that objective. It'll increase our sponsorship and prize money, and I think CL tv revenue next year too? - with that we can invest more in the squad and keep upgrading. Our objective next year is to get out of the group stages and make a real challenge for first. Continuing to get ou of the group stages is the most important thing from the revenue perspective, and allows us to really invest HEAVILY

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    Our Chinese overlords know how to harness the media better than anyone. Watch as next season we invest in Gazetta and Corriere and install new editors from the Global Times and People's daily.

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