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Thread: Italian Serie A 2019/2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElDuccio View Post

    That's anyway my response about the "respect for juve" thing you talk about. About the rest youre maybe right. But the conclusion is that Juve don't deserve to have this points.

    My respect to juBe is equivalent to my respect to a whore who’s got unlimited experience in sex positions to please a man. But it doesn’t change the fact that she remains one of the lowest status in a society. But my point is you need to admit that prostitutes give the best blow jobs, it’s just their speciality, and they tend to be consistent in it, it’s their business and hiw they make a living.

    I don’t think any team in Italy has a slight chance winning the league, unless we start “prostituting” like juBe. And since we, as current direct contender, have no idea how to do that, then juBe have no contenders really, it’s just a show which has one ending, all we can do is protest and shout and be angry like we always do. Only one president was man enough to do something about it, but he’s retired now.

    Quote Originally Posted by GenDire View Post
    They should put the whole squad on the sex offender list for exposing themselves in front of 10,000 children

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    Genoa are fucking garbage. Genuine contenders for relegation (again). That’s what happens when you stock up on truckloads of nobodies and various shitters. Buy a dozen cheap turds hoping that one or two will come good like Piatek so they can cash in. Dogshit strategy. Especially with Genoa’s recent scouting. Lerager? Pajac? Yamiq? Ghliglione? Ankerson? Agudelo? What the fuck is all this trash?

    It’s so hard to judge Radu as well. Makes some real nice saves but let’s in a billion goals per match, admittedly not mainly his fault. At this going rate I’m gonna say he’s most definitely not our future Handanovic replacement.
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