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Thread: Italian Serie A 2019/2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinB View Post
    Euhm no?

    It was the last round of regular competition. After this there were play-offs between the first six to determine who would be champion. And the points get divided in half, so only 7 points ahead with 10 more matches to go. (Still they would be champion). Get yo facts right!
    what convuluted bullshit is this?!

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    UEFA threaten to exclude Belgian clubs from Europe next season

    In a letter addressed to clubs on Thursday, UEFA has recommended to leagues to conclude this season and threatened to exclude teams from European competitions next season, if they seek to annul this campaign.

    The letter, signed by the heads of UEFA, the association of European clubs (ECA) and the various divisions, underlines that the fate of the competitions should be “decided on the field.”

    “We are convinced that football will be able to restart in the coming months – under conditions which will be dictated by the public authorities – and believe that any decision to abandon national competitions is, at this stage, premature and not justified,” wrote UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, ECA President Andrea Agnelli, and European Leagues president Lars-Christer Olsson.

    On Tuesday, UEFA held a video conference with 55 members, during which the decision was taken to cancel national team matches scheduled for June before handing on olive branch to clubs, telling them that league seasons could finish in July or August, as well as the Champions’ League and Europa League.

    “Work is now focused on scenarios covering the months of July and August, including the possibility that UEFA competitions will resume after the completion of the national leagues. Joint management of the calendars is strictly necessary since the conclusion of the current season must be coordinated with the start of the new one, which could be partly affected by the overload,” the letter continued.

    UEFA also took the opportunity to threaten leagues who do not conform to this course of action, affirming that clubs from leagues that seek to annul this season will be banned from Champions’ League and Europa League activity. Club Brugge, who are currently leading the Belgian league, where there is strong support to end the season at this point, despite it not being completed, could thus be banned from the UCL next season.

    “Since participation in the UEFA club competitions is determined by the sporting result obtained after a full national competition, an early termination would cast doubts on the fulfilment of this condition,” the letter concluded.
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    We are convinced that football will be able to restart in the coming months – under conditions which will be dictated by the public authorities – and believe that any decision to abandon national competitions is, at this stage, premature and not justified,” wrote UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin

    Ceferin also has a crystal ball... dirtbag.
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    Funny, was UEFA not saying that they want to end the leagues with the best teams as winner? This is how much media are trolling, only because they want Juve to win this scudetto...
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    Quote Originally Posted by .h. View Post
    what convuluted bullshit is this?!
    Well in the beginning, we thought the same. But after a few seasons it's actually really good. Generates a lot more income for teams, the games become way more tense too. Imagine in Italy they did the same formula. So top 6 as it is right now

    Rube 32 points
    Lazio 31 points
    Inter 27 points
    Atalanta 24 points
    Roma 23 points
    Napoli 20 points

    Those teams would play 10 games against each other, 30 points to gain.

    So that would mean that 3 teams can compete for the title (Atalanta would be too far behind). In Belgium this was done to offer more teams a chance to become champions. Yeah for the leader who has 15 points ahead it is hugely unfair but then again, if you know this is how it's done and you agreed to it, don't complain about it.
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    Yes, mid-tier leagues have been turned to shit in this modern era so they have to improvize in order to milk money off of local fans. The death of mid-tier football has created such phenomena all over Europe nowadays.

    Belgium seems healthy enough to have this monstrosity as does Scotland with their own monstrosity, but in places like Greece, Ukraine, Denmark, Cyprus, Sebria and Poland it's been a pathetic attempt that waters down the quality and interest. The big games stopped to matter as much. Instead of pushing people to attend these games they just help you to sit on your couch and watch foreign leagues instead.

    At least Belgium has the point split which keeps things competitive and upsets are still in play after the 2nd phase. I think Romania has copied the Belgian system lately but I've no clue what's going on there. All I see is new clubs forming up every few years lol. Another one is Austria, I think they also followed the Belgian method and they're another country that could succeed with that, but Salzburg seems to be walking with all the titles for a while either way.

    It's the least monstrous of these systems. I actually sort of like it, not a big fan but definitely it's my favorite playoff system out there.

    This is mostly happening because the teams don't have that much money in order to compete in the international stage. That also means that the shittier teams cannot even make it to the top division, or at least without some financial aid. So they either fund them indirectly (tv money) or they just scrap them and you end up with leagues of 10-14 teams and then every few years they reinvent the league system by experimenting, copying and basically failing each time. It may be interesting at first, but people get bored of it. You lose the excitement when you play a big derby 4 times. Especially when one of the teams starts to struggle after a while, which is bound to happen in these type of leagues.
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