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Thread: Italian Serie A 2019/2020

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    I think he's referencing the fact that the Inter players in said game were seemingly replaced by look-a-like imposters who had clearly never touched a football before, which, to be fair, also seemed a weird decision to me at the time.

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    He means that we're shit and have no business playing for a scudetto.
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    Former referee Claudio Gavillucci has revealed he was ‘dismissed by text message’ and claims his colleagues ‘aren’t guaranteed by a transparent system’.

    Gavilucci, who has overseen 50 matches in Serie A and an additional 74 in the second tier of Italian football, hits out at the Italian Referees’ Association (AIA) in his new book called: ‘The Man in Black. The truth of an uncomfortable referee’.

    “I wrote my book because at 38 I was dismissed by AIA in a text message,” he told Radio Kiss Kiss. “I decided to get to the bottom of the case, to understand if the technical reasons behind this decision existed.

    “I discovered many important things, among which there were grounds for discrimination. I wrote it for the sake of my job and for the love I have for football.

    “I found the unwillingness to open up and necessity to hide something. I put my hand over the flame for my colleagues, who unfortunately aren’t guaranteed by a transparent system and it doesn’t work as it should.

    “The honest man is the one who lives in a context of honesty.”

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