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Thread: Inter Fans in Sweden

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    Inter Fans in Sweden

    Hi. I'll be visiting Sweden (for the first time so I'm really excited!) in the first week of August which coincides brilliantly with Inter's visit as well. I was wondering whether I could meet up with some of the fans in Sweden and we could all go see the team. Do you guys know where the team will be staying and where they will be playing?It would be so awesome if we could all meet up. please let me know.

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    They will be in Varberg which is rather close to Gothenburg. Sadly, I can't make it, because the trip would be far too expensive, since I live far away from Varberg.

    It's not yet decided who they will play and where, but my guess is that they will play their match in Gothenburg.

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    Last year I went to Gotebörg to play the Gothia Cup and that trip was AMAZING
    Forza INTER !!!

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