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Thread: Nicolò Barella

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    Quote Originally Posted by jurkotrulko View Post

    I am done with you guys..You are level 0, I am level 10...You think 1 dimensional I think 3 dimensional..You are lost in basics so it is hard to argue with you on advanced stuff..Its not your fault, you probably have not enough "processing power" by nature to understand advanced data analyzing..But at least you know basic terminology!I am proud of you guys!!

    Aw mate, only 3 dimensional?? I only think 4 dimensional so I must be level 14.

    It would appear that you’ve still got some levelling up to do...

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    He really did take trolling to a next level.
    <<Gli scudetti è giusto vincerli sul campo>> Antonio Conte on Calciopoli


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    Quote Originally Posted by brehme1989 View Post
    He really did take trolling to a next level.
    He took it to a new dimension. Fucking douchebag
    Quote Originally Posted by Devious View Post
    Lol sorry bro I don’t watch Handball, I get enough of handball action watching juBe games in Serie A.
    Quote Originally Posted by ADRossi View Post
    We're getting to experience Conte's second season at Chelsea without reaping the benefits of his first

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    Holy See

    What a transformation this guy has had this season. Remember that midget who kept bullying and harrasing everyone around him (he was very good at that), now he's a midget who fuckin plays with SWAGGER, the way he handles the ball, threads passes like they're spaghetti and I'm hungry, shoots and scores like a hooker on a Friday night, of course while still being an amazing defensive player. AND he gets back at Lukaku verbally

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    Michael Cox writes a wonderful article about our win against Milan especially about Barella's tactical role. As his fan, I am so delighted that he covers Inter at last. Here it is:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Conan the Barbarian View Post
    Some people keep saying Frank Lampard has a 150 IQ. So what?
    This is football, isn't it? Not fucking rocket science!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Linege View Post
    FFP is for broke scrubs and teams that WANT to follow it
    top dogs like psg or city dont give a f

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