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Thread: Inter - Udinese (14 Sep 19)

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    I'm pretty sure that this game last year would be 0-0 or 1-1. With 1-0 in minute 80 we were trying to score another instead of just defend and wait the rival to score. Amazing how the mentality of a player can change so much in only 4 months.

    Honestly at this point i don't even know what Spalletti football style at Inter was, it was sure not possession football like he made in Roma and either not Simeone style of football, of big pressure, workhorses and awesome defense

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    Quote Originally Posted by firmino View Post
    As your usual, you are unnecessarily offensive.

    Let's say, for the sake of argument, that someone defined our transfer session "horrible" (it's possible, I certainly won't go through pages and pages) or the likes: so what?

    We're not discussing scientific theories, we are here to enjoy talking about the team we support. Besides, if there is a place where people have the right to be irrationally optimistic or pessimistic, or even just wrong, that's certainly a football forum, as sports are about emotions and emotions are not the realm of rationality.

    So change your tune, moron.
    shut up. internet is full of negativity and most of you are no different to crappy football fans on twitter. everything is end of the world till it isnt

    i am educating you, listen bobby

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    Yeah, yeah, whatever lol.
    My username has nothing to do with the player of liverpool fc, it is a reference to an Italian novel.

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    Wrong thread

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