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Thread: Fiorentina - Inter (15 Dec 19)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElinaYvo View Post
    I'm Referring to this post
    It was a joke!! Don’t send John Wick after me!

    But yea hope that goal doesn’t cost us the league!
    VAR is some serious Bullshit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devious View Post
    Skriniar has gone soft, on that run he should have harassed Halovic and not allowing him to run 30 meters and shot comfortably, this is a disgraceful mistake to say the least for a defender of his caliber.
    Should have fouled the player way before, don`t understand why he let him make that run and take such a wild shot. Handanovic also failed to react, at least before the ball went in...

    Lukaku is not the sharpest we but already knew this. I felt let down by Skriniar on this one. Let`s not forget about Politano provincially losing that ball, either.

    Quote Originally Posted by ElDuccio View Post
    Saying we will win nothing because of THIS game is wrong. Playing with players like BBirgahi or Vecino is really hard. Conte is doing miracles, let's be honest guys.
    I was thinking of this, only hoping these -2 points won`t cost us the championship. Sure, Conte is over-achieving expectations so far (Marotta publicly admitted this), but let`s be honest, both Biraghi and Vecino came from Fiorentina, meaning that they should be able to win against this shitty side they`ve been this season. And everything was on track until the very end. Losing like this in the final minutes is proving that mentally the players were not focused until the final whistle. This is why it`s always advisable to lead by 2 goals, avoid any accidents. I had enough of Lucky Luciano years ago, we should consolidate the win as early as possible.

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