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Thread: Some new rumours

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    Some new rumours

    News: Hector Cuper is being contacted by Real,Unnamed sources claim that Real Madrid directors want at all cost Hecto Cuper for his undoubted qualitise such as spectacular play and a winner mentality that had him win every trophy there is in his career.
    Cuper however refused because he is already contacted by Brasilian FA who is determined to get him as a NT coacn . Cuper commented on this:
    "We will play the 7-2-1 formation that always gave me great results, unfortunately there will be place for only one between Adriano and Ronaldo and this one will have to sacrifice himself, cover, defend and make tackles against oposition defenders. I believe Adriano will startsince Ronaldo is not yet fully recovered.

    Kaka...I belive he can make a great defensive midfielder, he has every potential"

    Answering to questions about ball posession, the coach said:

    "The ball was always carried by the referee so I assume it is his!"

    Rumour has it Alfano is working already! Ronaldinho already runs carrying two sacks of sand


    Hamed and other Cuper fans will hate me but this is just too funny. Copyright goes to LucMa of Interfans,org

    PS This thing about Alfano..rumour has it he really did this while working at Inter.
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    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. As much as I hate it, short-sighted soccer fans exist on the world, more unfortunately, they can post their opinions!

    I guess nobody takes the context into place. He always made the best of any team that he coaches, even shamble team like us in 01/02 and Mallorca last season.

    Tell me when did he have a great squad overall and dissapointed?

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