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Fuck no. Get that virus out of this club.

Pogba got too much too young. He's already on a big contract after a (back then) transfer record fee. He has never shown to be worth that money at United. Best Pogba we've seen was at short tournament (World Cup) and while he was at Juventus, when he didn't yet think he's a super star. And when he had an established team around him, he was just one luxury piece. Not a carry player like he's expected to be now which he absolutely is not.
^ Agreed with all this..

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Conte wouldn't play Pogba at all.
..but not with this. Conte would absolutely play Pogba.. but he would suck. And Conte would try to "solve the issue" by bringing in more expensive, 30 year old, EPL workhorse dickheads like Xhaka, Matic or Kante.