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Thread: Pre Season 2020/21: Here We Goooo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Knight View Post
    We had less rust to shake off this year, and I imagine preseason wasn't as physically gruelling as usual, so less heavy legs in the friendlies.
    I guess that could be true for some of the early ones, but even the friendlies that came closer to the start of the season weren't this dominant. I am sure it means nothing, but it is nice to see us finding the back of the net and keeping clean sheets, no matter who the opponent is.
    Quote Originally Posted by brehme1989 View Post
    This season is unfortunately a 5 season setback. We were 1.5 mercato away from becoming a top team, now won't really have expectations of winning an important trophy until 2025.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wera View Post
    anybody else thought Lukaku looked even more sluggish than usual

    hopefully he isn't getting "fat" again
    He’s definitely not going the opposite direction in terms of weight. It was a preseason friendly, he just lacking match sharpness.

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    We haven't had two (or 1 and ½) months of no football We've had like two weeks of no football. For some, it was one week, because of the NT games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CafeCordoba View Post
    We haven't had two (or 1 and ½) months of no football We've had like two weeks of no football. For some, it was one week, because of the NT games.
    In a way preseason happened when the teams started training again after the covid break and the break between end of past season and start of next one was something similar to winter break. This isn't going to be a season like any other else.


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    Does that mean we’ll collapse in February instead of December?
    **I move away from the mic to breathe in


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