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Thread: Shahktar - Inter (27 Oct 20)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethor View Post
    So, Inter need to get 3pts frm Gladbach away, 3 pts from Shakhtar at home. Thats 8pts. A draw from Real away 1pt. Thats 9pts. So a win vs Real or a tie gives Inter 10pts or 12pts. The path is clear. Inter is in happy position of knowing exactly what is needed to advance.
    Basically it is a knockout round between us and Real. We need to do better than them over next two matches. We put us in this bullshit situation every year and we all know how it turned out Because our mentality is fragile af.

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    When you don't win, everyone takes a share of the blame. I thought we played well yesterday. But we didn't win coz we couldn't finish our chances. You can't blame the coach for that. If anyone has to take the blame for yesterday, its the strikers.

    I think the games against Real are very 50-50, and its almost like a KO between the teams. If we get 4 points, we will most likely go through this group (and also knock Real out). But it won't be easy, I can see us drawing or losing the next game which will put us in a bit of a pickle.

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    We had an easy start with games against the two worst teams. Wouldve been nice to take 6 points and go in with confidence vs Madrid but now im certain we will approach the game like pussies who need a point.

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    It's apparent to me after this game we need some sort of dedicated playmaker/ passer in this midfield:

    Brozovic should be that guy, but who knows what's happened to him over the last year.
    Sensi can't be relied on.
    Eriksen is currently persona non grata.

    You can't expect Vidal to bare the lion's share of this responsibility, he's never been this type of player and he won't become one at 33 years of age.
    Barella is not this type of player either.

    I'm worried we'll be seeing Gagliardini-Vidal pivot with Barella doing the playmaking. This doesn't give us the right balance and we'll be seeing loads of missed passes like we saw last night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PHM1605 View Post
    Basically it is a knockout round between us and Real. We need to do better than them over next two matches. We put us in this bullshit situation every year and we all know how it turned out Because our mentality is fragile af.
    At least its not in the final rounds maybe we will play with less pressure

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    what a frustrating match to watch

    Had to smoke my brains out to relax after the game. Wanked off couple of times since then, still mad about the result. Hook me up with some Meditation class because this shit ain`t cuttin` it any more!

    Quote Originally Posted by Il Drago View Post
    I am blaming him for his second half management. As usual he was too late with the subs and he has no plan b when things aren't working.
    +1. Conte will never win in Europe like this. He is already group-stage laughing stock that he keeps playin the same way. Adapt to survive is not his thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by thatdude View Post
    The is team has a serious issue with being clinical. Our expected goals rate in relation to our actual goals must be a huge difference

    Quote Originally Posted by thatdude View Post
    We were just missing the goal.

    However with the that being said it seems like we’re just missing a goal a lot with this team. We have a serious mental block at times when it comes to scoring. We miss more great chances then a good team should. Mentality is the only reason I can think we struggle to take our clean cut chances again and again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nothing View Post
    80% of his decisions are favoring Shaktar
    Capello: ‘Italian teams disadvantaged in Europe’

    Fabio Capello has called on UEFA to regulate fans' attendance at stadiums in European games: ‘It’s not fair that some clubs can have home supporters while others can’t.'

    Capello was speaking on Sky Sport after Tuesday round of Champions League fixtures, and argued that there is an unfair advantage for clubs who are able to play in front of supporters.

    Shakhtar played with 15.000 fans against Inter and I think they were helped by them,” Capello said after the Nerazzurri’s 0-0 draw in Ukraine on Tuesday.

    “This is always favourable for home teams.”

    Fans’ attendance at stadiums depends on the regulations of each country. Clubs like Shakhtar, Dynamo Kiev and Porto could play their European games in partially opened stadiums while Italian teams can’t have their supporters in home games.

    Inter and the other Italian clubs must play without their fans. Home supporters can influence the referee sometimes and it can be positive for them.

    “This is a big disparity that should be regulated by UEFA. It’s not fair that some team can play with their fans while others can’t.

    “I give importance to this thing, fans can have an impact. For players with no personality is better to play without fans, but those who have it, can be helped.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Il Drago View Post
    No one blames Conte for Lautaro miss. My issue is once again (like against Lazio and Milan) we didn't create many chances in the second half. When we needed to increase our pressure in order to score a goal we failed to turn our dominance into chances. Shakhtar figured out how to restrain us in the second half and since then we had no backup plan.
    Yeah. No one can blame Conte for preparing the match. We destroyed them in the first half, only thing missing was the goal.

    Second half was disappointment after the first one. I thought that he would bring Eriksen in to break the deadlock with his passes from the middle but he was brought in like 10mins left to slot to Barella's role (Barella moved to Vidal's spot). We didn't change our system one bit for the second half and didn't change anything with the subs either. I really don't understand sometimes Conte's thought process.

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