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Thread: Udinese - Inter (23 Jan 21)

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    Below you will find the results of our Player Ratings vs Udinese (Matchday 19, Serie A).

    Feel free to discuss them there, or here.

    Sempre Forza Inter!

    Quote Originally Posted by FairyTailed View Post
    "What a game! Who would've expected us to win our first derby in 4 years. Let alone to keep a clean sheet against Juve for the first time since 2010."

    This is how I started my thread after the game vs Juventus. And this is polar opposites to what we achieved yesterday. We drew, but it honestly feels like a loss given the circumstances.

    How did you rate our team performance? Check it out below.

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    - - - Additions - - -

    The submissions for this game can be found here:

    Overall Season Doc:

    - - - END - - -

    Hope everyone enjoyed participating and I hope you like the result.

    Feel free to discuss below.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerazzurri_Ninja View Post
    how did we lose to Udinese, how?
    We didn't lose, but it feels like a loss for sure.

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    Fucking Eriksen... What a cunt, should have scored.
    "This wonderful night will give us the colours for our crest: black and blue against a backdrop of gold stars. It will be called Internazionale, because we are brothers of the world."

    Derby d'Italia, why the rivalry?
    My message to JuBe cunts

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickyMaravilla'sRightFoot View Post
    Finally, the real test.
    Just another one for Conte to fail and prove his incredible limitations. No Plan B, no ideas how to open up a defence, no usage of creative players.

    Subs were once AGAIN coming in too late [Sensi, Sanchez], one of the most creative players Eriksen kept on the bench, and I won`t even mention his stubborn formation any more.

    Conte once again instead of admitting he`s clueless, he was trying to divert attention to that fabricated conflict with Maresca, once he saw that he is once again uncapable to score. We saw this match so many times this season that I`m sick of this rat.

    Quote Originally Posted by vasilios View Post
    1 win in 4. It's nice that we beat Juve and all, but 1 win in 4
    That was not Conte but the players' ambition to prove their worth against top opponent. You don`t need motivation for Derby d`Italia.

    You need a coach to guide them against the appearently lesser teams that pose a danger to the 3 points.
    Useless to tell Conte he has 5 subs not 3, he will just simply go on and put the breaks until his beloved juBentus catches us in the league

    Quote Originally Posted by YoramG View Post
    If I performed at my job like Perisic does for this team, I'd be fucking fired immediately.
    Yet Conte keeps playing him, while humiliating Eriksen and forcing him out of the club. So what does that tell us about Cunte?
    Quote Originally Posted by Nothing View Post
    Plan B please

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