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Thread: Player Ratings Results: Inter 2-0 Juventus (Matchday 18, Serie A)

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    Player Ratings Results: Inter 2-0 Juventus (Matchday 18, Serie A)

    What a game! Who would've expected us to win our first derby in 4 years. Let alone to keep a clean sheet against Juve for the first time since 2010.

    Juventus was awful yesterday, and our boys stepped up. The joy this game brought to us, interisti, was not to be unseen in the ratings.

    We have many new records:

    1) New best Conte rating;
    2) New best Ref rating;
    3) New best overall team rating;
    4) New best 1st and 2nd half rating;
    5) New season best rating in Barella's score!

    And we managed to get an astonishing 258 votes, involving a new Facebook community as well!

    Enjoy and discuss away!

    - - - - - -

    - - - Additions - - -

    The submissions for this game can be found here:

    Overall Season Doc:

    - - - END - - -

    Hope everyone enjoyed participating and I hope you like the result.

    Feel free to discuss below.

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    Thanks for this brother

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