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Thread: Do I have to leave...

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    Do I have to leave...

    There is compilcated situation here where either I am going to leave or grobar is.

    I'm making poll to see who you want more.

    I'm sick of this f-cking shit. Moderators here let people say Cambiasso is shit and let people say things which are disrespectful to my religion, yet I'm not allowed to criticise people for saying stupid sh-t like 'Cambiasso is hopeless, we don't need shit like him, he's too slow'

    Especially when they've posted 17 times and I post here like 12 times a day.

    So you choose.. some guy who just criticises our best player and can't use punctuation, and is disrespectful to my religion.. or me.

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    sorry but i'm not going to vote, i think theres room for everybody on this forum & nobody should be made to choose between members, for me thats just overly harsh
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    N this is just the reason I love primo ... hehe the guy gets sooooooo angry.... but sorry no voting n politics inside the forum man
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    Now you're pushing it. I'm closing this topic because it serves no purpose other than some rants between Primo & Grobar. If you guys have a beef with each other, please take it somewhere private.

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