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Thread: Inter = Cowards

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    Inter = Cowards

    Inter cancel tour of England......

    Spineless, yellow cowards
    Crystal Palace FC

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    Winston I speak as someone who has lived in Milan for almost 13 years and has had an Inter season ticket for almost all of that time.

    You're dead right. Inter are cowards. The unsurprising thing is that most of the Italian based fans seem to think it is the right thing to do. Confirms their own status as cowards as well.

    Then they have the cheek to have "We are not afraid" in their signatures on the main Italian language forum

    Don't make me laugh. CODARDI VIGLIACCHI

    As a good friens said, rather than be afraid of going to England for a pre season tour, the players ought to be afraid of the fans' reaction if they fail to deliver again this season
    Meglio sconfitti che milanisti

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    If you guys wanna insult Inter in this sort of way, do so at your own forums and not at an INTER forum.

    Topic closed.

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