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Thread: A Stupid Biased Article .....

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    A Stupid Biased Article .....

    Editorial: Inter Fail Before Season Starts!
    8/10/2005 5:02:00 PM
    Recent editorials on have focused on the concentration of editorials regarding the top three Serie A sides. Notably Ė Milan, Inter and Juventus. Sadly to say, the gap has widened from the financially behemoths to the lesser known clubs who although are competitive in the top flight in Italy do not make the headlines in the transfer market. I have read that article discussing how lower sides are discussed less and I agree totally with that comment, many fans only know about the big boys and this article will further fuel that thought as I see Inter as a lower club before the season even begins.
    Being a fan of Italian soccer, every season I hope Inter does well in the transfer market, to pick up the precious talent needed to help their season, and every season I am disappointed, as I am this one. They refuse to purchase quality talent, but instead pay over priced amounts of money for talent who are beyond their prime. Sadly, when they do purchase or have quality players they allow them to leave for free, or they donít materialize to the potential lived up to them. Examples include Ė Seedorf, Pirlo, Cannavaro, Davids etc. Interís immediate competition in Milan and Juventus have done excellent summer transfers. Milan, further strengthened their squad, and now have back ups capable of playing on first teams anywhere among Europe, including Ė Vieri, Seedorf, Kaladze, Rui Costa, and Serginho. Juventusí strength last year was a physically tough midfield of Emerson and Blasi/Tacchinardi, and they have purchased Vieira, who captained Arsenal in midfield. Finally, we come to Inter, who has reshaped their team with the following acquisitions.

    Starting in the forward guard, Inter have gotten rid of Vieri. A correct move considering Adriano and Martins are better individual players than Vieri, younger and stronger. However, if the aforementioned two get injured, Cruz is not a star back up compared to Vieri or Del Piero. Secondly, watching the partnership play together showed that they work better individually. Many games, I saw individual moments of glory for Adriano and Martins, but never a solid partnership. They get in each others way most of the time, as they have the same skill set. Soccer is a team sport, and because of this, Interís forwards are second class to Juventus and Milan.

    In midfield, Inter have managed to go through more midfield talent, than a fat kid on ice cream. Gone is Emre, Van Der Meyde, Davids, and now benched Zanetti and Veron (who is Interís only consistent midfielder). Inter have managed to completely turn around their midfield with Cambiasso coming mid season, Stankovic who is very inconsistent, and misses far too many chances. Inter have signed two new midfielders with Pizarro from Udinese, and Figo from Madrid. Pizarro showed great form in helping Udinese reach the Champions League, however, he is not the greatest midfield talent, and since it is his first season at Ďrevolving Interí it remains to be seen if he will make the transition. Lastly, Figo. His best days are behind him, he lacks speed, and his age shows. Although he was somewhat creative in the Primiera still at his tender age, Serie A, is totally different, with defenders hacking away at opponents legs. Far too often, I see him with acres of time on the ball, which wonít happen this season. Interís midfield compared to Juventus and Milan, is probably their weakest position, not being creative like Milanís or defensive like Juveís.

    Lastly, in defence. Interís main problem last season. Samuel is a great purchase, however the defensive partnership of Cordoba and Samuel, pale in comparison to Nesta-Stam and Cannavaro-Thuram. Letís face it, they have improved but if one of those players gets injured, Materazzi, and Mihajlovic are far too old and bad to make up the quality in defence.

    Moratti has again failed to bring the right players to Inter. New faces come and go in the Inter line up, every year. When will management realize that cohesiveness is the key to success! Compare Milan and Juventus to Inter.

    Milan has the same starting 11 with the exception of Jankulovski from Udinese, who is far more versatile than Pizzarro, and Gilardino for Crespo. The midfield will be more defensive with Jankulovski, hence, Milan has opted for a 3 man defence. All three defenseman, have more quality than any single defensive player at Inter. Gilardino for Crespo is a simple swap, both players play the same role.

    Juventus has changed the least, with Viera, as a substitute for an inconsistent Blasi. Note how Juventusí central defenders and goal keeper, all played at Parma quite some time ago, does that show cohesiveness and getting to know your team-mates.

    Finally, Inter. In the forward line, they managed to lose Vieri, who coincidentally set a world fee at one point from Lazio to Inter, and was now a free transfer to Milan. In midfield Ė Stankovic who has been with the team for a short period of time, is the senior spokesperson. Cambiasso has come mid season, and is the heart of the midfield. Pizarro and Figo are completely new, and it remains to be seen how they will adapt.
    In defence, Samuel has come in to stop some goals, and his acquisition is a good one.

    So in total, new faces in the starting 11. Juve has 1, Milan has 2, and Inter has 3.

    Isnít that how they finished the season last year!!! Maybe itís ironic, maybe not. Donít be surprised if they finish the standings the same way.

    Nicola Rotundo

    This article just got on my nerves , I mean , what do you guys want from us ?? Let's respond here to how we are successful and consistent and looking forward to the new campaign .
    Campioni D' Italia !!!!!!

    "It's an immense emotion" Roberto Mancini after the 15th Scudetto

    "we'll win one thing at a time. Everything is special when you win, winning is always nice, especially at a team like Inter." Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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    This article was posted few days ago. Please feel free to discuss it here:
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