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Thread: The Report from my trip

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    The Report from my trip

    Ok and here is the long awaited reported of my trip.

    From the moment I stepped into the airplane this vaccation has been nothing but hell.
    As we took of from L.A.X., a thunder storm erupted over California, Nevada and Colorado.
    30 minutes into the flight we flew right through the thunderstorm. I looked outside the window, and I saw the meanest clouds I have ever witnessed in my life. I saw lightning struck only a few miles away from the plane.
    The airplane was shacking crazily, worse than a roller coster, up and down we went.
    Everybody in the airplane screamed and were worried to death. All the passengers, including my mom and me, thought that it was the end. We thought we were going to die.
    Luckily we flew out of the storm, but only to witness two more later on.
    As we landed in Frankfurt, I was freezing. We assumed that our luggage was there as well, but to our surprise the shipped our stuff to Cologne Train Station. We had 2 options when we bought the tickets. Fly from Frankfurt to Cologne, or take ICE and go by train. My mom chose the ICE option, and we hoped that our luggage in our hands we could exit the train in Bonn, but sadly they shipped, like mentioned before, our stuff to Cologne. Now the place were our family friends were was near Bonn. So we had to go to Cologne, from there spend another damn 2 hours in the station, take the city trains to Bonn, which took another 40 minutes. By the time we got to the home, we were dead beat.
    The next day I had a bad case of Jet Lag, and felt sick in my stomach. Plus it was stinking cold.
    The third day we went to Cologne, but that day was cold as well.
    The first week was not that bad to be honest, because I got to see Bayern's game live after a whole long time.
    So on Saturday, August 6th, we went to Belgium, Knokke-Heist to be exact.
    We spend 2 weeks there. I had the worst time there. In all of those 2 weeks I had only seen 2 days of summer weather, the rest was winter weather to L.A. standards. People were super rude, they looked at you weird, which I believe of my appearance (Black hair, dark brown eyes, hairy arms, etc you get the rest). I did not feel comfortable and welcomed at all. We went to Brugge twice, and both times sucked ass.
    I was so glad when we took off from Belgium to go back to Germany. I had a better time there, but still, I never felt welcomed. I felt as if there was this big amosity against me. Germans looked at me as if I was an alien from out space. Unless I spoke English and told them I am from America, they would usually not wish to have anything to do with me. Heck I even remember how this lady got up from her seat in the train, and walked to another seat further down the wagon, because I sat next to her. That really hurt my feelings. Those judgemental eyes that always followed me around in Belgium and Germany really just showed to me how much ignorance is left there.
    Don't get me wrong, I also met some really cool people, and very kind, but all in all most of them were dicks.
    I remember last sunday, how we were in Cologne, I met this Italian group from Bologne. Oh dang, World Youth Day was a bitch if you ask me. It was crowded, traffic was terrible, and the city smelled like trash. Anyway returning to the story, the Italians noticed that I was speaking English and asked me from where I came from. After I told them that I was from the states, they asked me questions like if I voted for Bush and if I was for the war. I, who did not want to talk politics at the moment asked them if they are Inter supporters. They then started to bash Inter, and I got into an verbal argument with them. LOL that was fun.
    I looked for the third Inter jersey everywhere but could not find it all.
    So on friday, before our flight from Frankfurt to L.A. my mom bought me the new blue and black jersey at the airport.
    At least that was a memorable moment. Other than that the whole trip was horrible.
    I expected so much and was thoroughly dissapointed.
    Plus the airplane had a 2 hour delay, so we had to spend extra 2 hours at the Frankfurt airport. Then the flight itself was 11 hours long, and not 9 as we previously thought. We flew over Scotland, Greenland and over Canada where the pilot cut south wards to L.A.
    Right now I am still struggling with all the memories. I really wanted to go to the World Cup 2006, as my brother is getting tickets.
    But after my month in Europe I don;t want to go anymore.
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    man don t be so negative i know the wether was horrible but normaly it s even 35 degres over here in summer i don t know what was wrong this time!!!
    on the people i may only tell u that i even don t like the germans to much , but if u would have gonne to switzerland, spain,italy, portugal and most of the other europeans countrys the people would have been totaly different!!!
    So i hope it wasen t u re last wisite
    Which matches do you feel more, those with Juventus or Milan?
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    my flight to Corfu was much the same, as we went over Milan, there was a huge storm, lighting actually going within a few metres of the plane, was one of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. Sure, it might feel a bit weird when the plane gets turbulance due to this, but they wouldn't fly through a storm which wasn't safe, many a flight ive been on has been cancelled due to extreme weather.

    As for being in Germany, I didn't feel welcome most of the times I went there, random things being said such as 'English scum' & telling us our country had been bombed (this time I visited 4 days after the 9/11 attacks)

    Still, it's all an experience, people in other countries do notice if somebody isn't local, but then over here the culture is so diverse that it's never a problem. Maybe next time u should try a more liberal European country
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    Man, that didn't sound like a pleasant trip. Didn't you live in Germany before? And dont't you speak the language,? I thought that would help in easing the experience.

    Ah well, not everything is perfect I guess. I am a bit surprised about Germany though, I know many coloured guys that went there, and say that it depends where you go. People seem to be 'nicer' in the big Metropolitan areas, and I thought Cologne was such.

    Anyway, good luck in you next trip, and have a better luck!

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    F*ckin germans, man dont trip. Go to like Amsterdam and get in a rave club, bone a few dutch chicks. Make u feel better.

    *18* VERO

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    Nice idea Miike, maybe I could.

    Mo, I feel sorry for the trip. I know how it is.
    I spended 10 hours in a plane few times and it's just sick!

    Screw Germany and Bologna guys, and that lady in the train, don't ever let a strange person to make you feel sad!

    Now enjoy, you are in LA!
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