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Thread: Tickets for Inter Milan-Bratislava

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    Tickets for Inter Milan-Bratislava

    Hi Interisti,

    I'm from Belgium and I'm fan of Inter and Club Brugge (in domestic league).

    In November I'll be in Italy. On tuesday 22th November I'll be in Torino for the game Juventus-Club Brugge.

    On wednesday 23th november, I'd like to visit the game of Inter against Bratislava.

    It will be my first time visiting the Meazza stadium.

    So, my question is. How do I get tickets for this encounter? Is there many interest for this match?

    Many thanks

    Greetz from Belgium....FORZA INTER!!!

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    Welcome to the forums man, glad to have you on board However, most of the Inter fans here are fans of Cercle Brugge

    Jokes aside, we have a ban against us, so you won't be able to see any Inter games in the CL at th e Meazza until February at least, and that given we make it.

    Have fun watching the game against Juve, but bring pillows with you, Juve are boring and their stadium is empty.

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