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Thread: Top 10 Most Hated Teams

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    1) You can figure it yourselves

    2) Milan (however I respect them for our city rivalry)


    4) PSG

    5) Basically every plastic team with plastic bandwagoner fans

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    1. Juventus & Bayern
    3. Germany national football team
    4. Rapid Vienna
    5. ManCity
    6. PSG
    7. Barcelona
    8. Arsenal under Wenger
    9. Manchester United rn
    10. Milan ... Although I don't really hate them as long as they stay where they belong: Behind us. Actually I want to see them having success. For example: I'd love to see them becoming second in the table behind us, only beaten by the head-to-head record. Or making it to the CL final, to get thrashed from us.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aliano View Post
    Hannover 96
    Half of the teams you mentioned I don't know, but Hannover 96? Why should anybody hate (or care about) Hannover 96?

    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie View Post
    10 PSG, CITY, CHELSEA ( Teams with no history at all. Hate PSG for wanting to completely buy success and taking super stars to their shitty league. I hate city cuz I always wanted Aguero at inter haha. Chelsea winning the CL against Bayern was the most underserved win of all time to me.
    There are many reasons to hate them, but no history at all? Maybe PSG, that was founded in the 1970, but all three teams you mentioned were at least one time European Cup winner and national champion before being taken over by some rich guy. And IIRC ManCity was always known for it's fans.

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