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Thursday, 15 September 2005 15:13:30

[FOTO Thursday, 15 September 2005 15:13:30] MILAN - Speaking in Japan last night Roberto Baggio, scorer of 17 goals in 59 matches for the Nerazzurri, declared his desire to return to football after a year out. And after his morning's work at the Saras offices in Milan, Massimo Moratti gave a brief interview to journalists in which he did not exclude the possibility of a collaboration between Inter and Baggio. The Inter patron also commented positively on Roberto Mancini's team's victory in Bratislava, underlining the seriousness of the work done by everyone to reach the goals Moratti and all Inter fans dream of.

Roberto Baggio said he would like to return to the world of football. Would there be room for him at Inter?
"With Baggio it's something we have already talked about in the past, which I think is logical considering the person and champion he is. We would be honoured, so it's something that could easily be continued with him."

Could Baggio take up a role in the Youth Sector?
"It could be something we would agree on together."
What do you guys think?? I would love to have Baggio at inter. He is one of my all time favourite players only maradonna I liked more. So to have him as a member of the staff would be fantastic.