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Thread: Lecce - Inter Report

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    Lecce - Inter Report

    Hello Interfriends,

    Inter lose 2-1 to lecce and i cannot even write a report on this one. I really don't have it in me to write about how Lecce kept up there imitation of Real Madrid as they beat Juve and then Inter within the same week. But you know what, they deserved the win and should have more goals with Chevaton hitting the crossbar, Konan coming close on a few occasions and so on.

    If Lecce is doing a Real Madrid imitation by playing well, then the flip side is Inter doing a Lecce imitation by playing sub-class football that you would expect from a small team. Long ball, no movement, bad passes, misguided fouls and so on.

    Time and time again Iam seeing minimum effort and that is what I cannot take. We can lose every game in my book as long as blood sweat and tears are left on the pitch. But when I see a team that is not pressing, or making lazy, sloppy passes as we did today, well there is just no excuse especially considering the big names on our team.

    I hate to say it, and it breaks my heart to do so, but Milan deserve the title for the way they have played all year. Milan has won as a collective, not by moments of inspiration from there stars. Everyone contributed and they won as a team.

    Even today they handled Roma with ease. They pressed for every ball, won the midfield battles, played with confidence and pinned Roma to the wall making sure the scudetto would be won today. Its a far cry from Inter's performance today right down to that dreaded May 5th when Inter conceeded an almost won scudetto. In other words we still hae the same problems that existed years ago.

    As fans we must keep hope alive. All is not lost as of yet....Even though Iam pissed, the only think i can say is lets keep the faith and hope we win the last two games.


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    Obviously I know why nobody replied but nonetheless it was a good report!
    "Cuore, Testa, Muscoli.. Da anni sognavamo un Gruppo cosi!!!
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